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No description

Simran Bains

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of URANUS

Uranus Appearance
Uranus is seen as an older person with white curly facial hair.
Uranus Responsibility
Uranus, also known as Ouranos, was the embodiment of the sky or heavens, and known as the god of the sky.
Strength and weaknesses
Weakness: Fearful of his children overthrowing him, Uranus pushed his children one by one back into the womb of his wife Gaea.
Strengths: He was the personification of the sky. Cronus is his son, which makes Zeus his grandson. He was the father of the Hundred-Handed Giants, the Cyclopes and the Titans, so he had all the forces of evil on his side.
Uranus pushed his children one by one back into the womb of his wife Gaea. Cronus obeyed and at that night he hid himself in his parents' bed; hence he managed to castrate his father while he was sleeping.

Symbol and family relation of Uranus
Uranus is represented by his sickle. Which is the same sickle he was castrated with
Human Like Qualities
Together Uranus had many offspring. Gaea and Uranus can make babies like humans. He also behaved in a hateful manner.
He then became the husband of Gaea and together they had many offspring. Uranus hated his children he had no care for them at all.

Uranus Traits

Ouranos is really fearful and careless. He did not care for his children he feared they would overthrow him.They were unsightly in his opinion and he wanted them gone. But he couldn't kill them because they were immortal.
Ouranos then cursed Cronos, stating that his child would come to overthrow him, just as he had.
The story of Uranus illustrates common themes of Greek mythology such as weakness, fear, and betrayal.

Harsimran Bains
English Honors10
21 November 2014

Myth of Uranus

What is interesting about Uranus is that he married Gaea. He made 12 off springs with her. The reason he married her was because she needed someone for protection and cover. The thing is that he hated all of this children. Uranus had no care for this children what's so ever. So one by one he threw his kids into Gaea's womb. Leaving Gaea in horrible pain. Gaea told her boldest son Cornus to castrated Uranus and he did.

Myth continued

With the myth being continued Uranus was castrated Uranus by cutting off his genitals. When he cut them off Uranus blood splattered onto earth. Cronus threw them into the sea to be specific. With that happening, it created giants and many other creatures. Their was foam around forming and that was the transformation of Aphrodite. Cornus pretty much took the throne from his own father Uranus. After all of that, Cronus brought all of his brothers back from when Uranus was getting rid of them. Cronus was later crowned the supreme ruler of the word.

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