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FARC in Columbia

No description

Nathan Liu

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of FARC in Columbia

Significant Terrorist Events
-FARC bombing in Columbia, December 7, 2013. 8 killed, 20 injured in village in southern Columbia. Military sources said rebel fighters from the FARC, launched hand-made missiles into a house serving as an army and police base in Inza , a region known for a strong guerrilla presence.
- Mortar shells fired into crowd that was attending the president's inauguration. 18 killed, 69 injured.
-In 1999, 25 evangelical pastors murdered.
-Started in Columbia, 1966.
-Mainly peasants
-Classified as terrorist organization by the EU and USA.
-8 Main leaders
-Manuel Marulanda Velez is founder and Commander in chief.
-Fueled by Lack of government response to the severe hardships faced by peasant farmers and harsh working conditions.
Target Population and Tactics

-Tries to force government to improve working conditions
- Bombings, murder, mortar attacks, kidnapping, extortion, and hijacking, as well as guerrilla and conventional military action against Colombian political, military, and economic targets
-Fights for Marxist goals. (equality)
Enforced communism.
SOURCE: <http://www.nctc.gov/site/groups/farc.html>.

Influence on Current Geopolitics
-Anti-democracy and anti-capitalist
-Supports Marxist
-Anti-United States
-Influences the Colombian government through violence.

SOURCE: www.csub.edu/~dhall/crju477TheRevolutionaryArmedForces.ppt.>.
-Fragmented state of Cuba
-Generates income from drug trade.
-Available information suggested that the Cuban government maintained limited contact with FARC members, but there was no evidence of direct financial or ongoing material support.
-Not supported by many states.
SOURCE: <http://www.tni.org/briefing/revolutionary-armed-forces-colombia-farc-and-illicit-drug-trade>.
Benckert, Eric, David Castro, Noelia Marin, and Christina
Martinez. "The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia." .CSU Bakersfield. Web. 5 Feb 2014. < http:/ www.csub.edu/~dhall/crju477TheRevolutionaryArmedForces.ppt.>.

"Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia." National
Counter Terrorism Center. National Counterterrosim Center. Web. 6 Feb 2014. <http://www.nctc.gov/site/groups/farc.html>.

Vargas, Ricardo. "Drugs and Democracy." The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Illicit Drug Trade. Transnational Institute, 07 Jun 1999. Web. 7 Feb 2014. <http://www.tni.org/briefing/revolutionary-armed-forces-colombia-farc-and-illicit-drug-trade>.
GROUP:Nathan Liu and Jake Boerjan

Message to the World
-Anti United States involvement
-Recognize peasants, fight for better working conditions.
-Message very well known in Columbia.
-Not well received in other parts of the world.

Photos (FARC)
Thank You For Listening
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