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DMS Technical Presentation

No description

Cat Murdoch

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of DMS Technical Presentation

Mobile Defect Management System Technical Presentation Architecture
Design Architecture Design and Testing Technologies Adobe PhoneGap
Apache Cordova Let you access the device hardware and filesystem using just Javascript, HTML, and CSS ApplicationCraft Console The Product Functionality Demo Pros / Benefits Easy to learn and use
User base and community Cons / Limitations Youth of tool
Documentation sometimes lacking
Collaboration requires separate liscense
Sometimes unstable <constant updates, if something goes wrong with cordova, AC suffers as well, sometimes AC has to roll back the version of cordova for a particular user if they have a weird bug) Alternatives Tiggzi/Tiggr How powerful is it? PhoneGap has apis for interacting with:
Connection Status
Device specific info
Native events
Geolocation and GPS
In app browser
Recording and playback of audio files
Device Notifications
Application splashscreen
Device storage Implemented Creating and editing defects
Adding/removing/viewing photos from a defect
Storing defects in persistent storage on the device
Submit records created on device to remote server
Pull down records from server to device
Search records on device by terms in query string and sort results by relevance
Online and offline modes
'My defects'
Remotely changing environment settings Supported by Architecture Projects
Image Syncing
Submitting updated defects to server
Resolving conflicts between two defects with the same id
Periodic autonomous background syncing of defects
Watch list
Device based access restriction Planned Push Notifications
Imagemaps and Locations
User based access restriction Conclusion The project has taught me a lot ApplicationCraft is awesome If I can do it, you can do it better Appmakr Biznessapps Early UI Mockups
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