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My Journey: One in a million

No description

Dr. A

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of My Journey: One in a million

My Journey: One in a million
Learning to read and write
Learning English
I remember I would write pages and pages of English grammar in elementary school. This was not very helpful when I moved to upstate New York and I couldn't understand ANYTHING! I decided to stay and live with my dad. Going to school was so hard! I would sit in the back of my classes and do nothing. The Spanish teacher would pull me out once a day for ESL. I remember I would cry every night. My dad was going through his medical residency, so he couldn't spend a lot of time with me. So the back and forth began. I would spend a year in the U.S. and a year in Mexico, until I finished h.s. in New York.
San Diego, CA
When I moved to California I began going to community college. I also had several jobs, until I became a T.A. at an elementary school. I began teaching marine science in Spanish to students in grades K through 6th. I learned a lot about: kelp, turtles, sea urchins, tides, currents, waves, and a whole lot of fish.
I also learned that my Mexican Spanish was not the only nor the best variety of Spanish. I learned a lot of Mexican-American and Chicano history and culture.
Santa Cruz, CA
I transferred to UC Santa Cruz and I learned a lot about: banana slugs, Grateful Dead, being an R.A., and college culture! I also wrote and performed a lot of poetry.
Los Angeles, CA
I began teaching elementary school in Los Angeles. I taught there for 11 years. I learned about: IEPs, Title I, report cards, and parent conferences. When the internet craze began I went back to school and got my master's in educational technology learning about: IP's, motherboards, websites, html, synchronous and asynchronous discussions.
Dr. A
I was born in Mexico City many years ago, and grew up there. When I was 12 y.o. I began moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S. until I finished high school. After high school, I spent one year in Mexico City teaching English. Then I moved to California. I lived in CA until 2006.
In 2006 I moved to Austin, TX. I taught there for 2 years, and then started my PhD work at the University of Texas at Austin. I moved to Milwaukee, WI in 2013.
I first learned to read and write in Spanish. My mother was a teacher, and I remember she would sit with me and read read read read. I would also practice my handwriting a lot! I remember seeing her read read read all the time. We had a large collection of books... for adults! So I read Agatha Christie, encyclopedias, my older brother's comics, newspapers, magazines, as I went through elementary school.
Songs were a big part of early childhood education, and I remember the songs so clearly... I remember us little kids holding hands and going round and round singing.
My daughter
My daughter was born in 2005. Of course I had no clue as to how my world would change. Diapers, feedings, bottles, sleeping through the night, fevers, colds, walking...all new and foreign to me!
And now that she is older, I am wondering what the future will hold. But all through this time I've tried to keep up with her! So it's very important to me to keep up with popular culture and try to help her become a critical person.
Austin, TX
When my daughter was 1y.o. we moved to Austin, TX.
What a different world! Moving to Texas was a new learning experience. I had to learn about Texas culture, Texas Mexican-American culture, and school culture. I taught science in both Spanish and English in fifth grade for two years. I learned about y'all, SXSW, ACL, breakfast tacos, taco trucks, and keeping it weird!
Going to UT Austin allowed me to learn about who I wanted to be as a woman, a mother, and an academic. I began researching how students could learn science through the use of culturally relevant literature. I also learned about being bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. I decided that I wanted to raise my daughter in such a way that would facilitate her participation in many communities.
At UT AUSTIN I learned about: Hook 'em horns!, discourses, qualitative and quantitative research, pedagogy and epistemologies, ontology and paradigms.
Milwaukee, WI
Can you tell I love to move?

I moved here in 2013, and have had to learn a whole new culture again. I've learned about bubblers, cheese curds, Packers, and WINTER!!! It's been a learning experience in soooo many ways. Who knew that I'd need at least two pairs of boots, or that there are no snow days here!
So now at the university I've had to learn very fast: Zelazo Center, Panthers, DPI, WIDA, WES, MPS, CCSS, D2L, PAWS...

And the journey continues...
The Internet
I invented the Internet! Well, it feels like it...I've been "online" for 20 years now! Yikes! So I've seen it all... well almost. I have learned and kept up with it, and now Facebook, Tumblr, and Tweeter are my to go places when I want to connect with friends, family, and keep up with the news. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon and Etsy. I've been known to use my Groupons to visit new restaurants, and Yelp to look for coffee shops. I love George Takei (you gotta go google him), memes, and I remember when gifs were not animated!
Xicana Power!
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