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laura dowdy

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of storms

There are a lot of different types of Snow Storms. We are only going to talk about one of them right now it is a blizzard.If your out side in a blizzard the chance of you not having something happen to you is really bad.If you get stuck in one you can go from being sick to losing a finger to dieing. That's how dangerous blizzards are.They can also be interesting and cool if you watch some videos of them they are pretty cool storms.
Another Storm (hurricane)
Pretty much a hurricane is a tropical storm.It has high winds and strong rain. hurricanes form over warm water and use it as an energy source. The weather in the eye in of a hurricane is usually calm.
Thunder And Lightning Storms
Lightning actually comes from the ground.You would think it comes from the sky but it happens so fast that you can tell. About 70% of lightning comes from in the tropics.The average temp. for lightning is around36000 degrees Fahrenheit. thunder just roars
Dust storms happen in any dried area. if you are close to one you need to pull of to the side of the road until the storm passes.
By: Kristen Harp and Maisie Davenport
This is a picture from a satellite, of a blizzard
Snow Storms
You can see that the hurricane formed next to a tropical island. The dot in the middle of the hurricane is the eye.
you can really see the eye in this hurricane pic.
Tornadoes are also called twisters. the USA has a average of1200 tornadoes each year, that's more than any other country. A tornado is a rapidly spinning tube of air that touches the ground and a cloud on top.
Tornadoes can also have lightning and thunder storm at the same time. So that is all about tornadoes.
They can become huge storms like in this pic.
Dirt Storms
Here is a video of a dirt storm.
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