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Sustainable cabin

technology project

Luca Bostfleisch

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable cabin

By Lachlan Mallett Isabel Mallett,
Molly Clements and
Luca Bostfleisch

Sustainable cabin
shape and angles
How many people does the cabin sleep?
As a group we decided that for our hot water system we would run black piping along the roof and because the sun is attracted to black the water will get warmed up as it runs along the roof and by the time the water gets to the tap it will be hot and ready to go!!!
Black piping runs around the water tank.
We have a water tank on our site behind the cabin to collect some more water and to heat it we are going to run some black piping around the tank and then the sun will get attracted to it and therefore it will be hot and you will be able to use it in the actual cabin.
north facing
_____ area
6 people
6 people

-sleeps 6 people on 1 side
-sleeps 12 people on both sides
-has 3 bunks on each side
For our roof we used rammed earth because rammed earth is a sustainable building material. Also because rammed earth cools the room in day time, but heats it at night. It does this because the suns heat takes a lot of time to get through the rammed earth, and that's when the walls release the heat back into the house/cabin. It approxiatly takes the heat 10 hours to get through the rammed earth, then gets released into the house/cabin.
Walls and floor
For our windows we are using triple glazed thermally broken recycled glass. It is better than new glass, because it has been used before and you are recycling it, so it is sustainable. So why buy new glass if you can buy recycled glass!!!
Doors, bunk beds &
For our doors we are using
recycled wood
, because it is way more sustainable than chopping down a young tree. If you can use recycled wood, why used new wood ???
Ways of getting electricity and heating water
Water Heating System
Solar panels.
For more heat and electricity we have decided to use solar panels because they are sustainable and they can last a longer and on a wide scale can produce more.
For our lights we are using LED lights instead of normal lights, because LED lights get brighter over time. With normal lights they are the same brightness all the time. With LED lights if you only turn them on for a short time they don't use as much electricity over a short time frame.
For our cabin's roof we are using
Aluminum mainly, because water can slide off it really easily and then we will be able to collect more water for our water collection system, and therefore we will have another component of our cabin that is more sustainable then some other materials that we could have used for our roof.
Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are another way to create mechanical energy that will power that will power our shower and toilet blocks that are in a separate area.
toilet and
shower block
In our separate shower and toilet block we are using incinerator toilets
thank you for listening and watching!
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