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Ireland project

Chapter 6: The Great Hunger

Ariadna Carreiras

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Ireland project

CHAPTER 5: THE GREAT HUNGER In 1795 and in 1798 the Irish, with the help of French ships and soldiers fought the British. But the British won, and many Irishmen were killed. In 1801, the Act of Union made Ireland and Britain one country, with one Parliament in London. A hundred years later after this, Catholic Irishmen (called Nacionalists) wanted to change the Act of Union, and Protestants (called Unionists) wanted to keep it. In the west of Ireland many poor Catholics lived in very small farms, and had a very little money and they often only had potatoes to eat. In 1840s something
killed the potatoes and
poor Irish farmers had
nothing to eat. Lots of poor people moved to America by ships but many of them died in it. Every year, on St. Patrick's Day, thousands of Americans march through New York, and remember how this poor people died. When this Irish people died, the Irish language died with them. Most Catholic churchmen and teachers spoke and taught English. Only poor
people spoke Irish In 1893 some Irish writers tried to help the Irish language. A lot of people agreed with the things that they said and they called himself 'Sinn Fein'. Sinn Fein in Irish means

At first, people in Sinn Fein were only interested in Irish language, music and games. But later they began to think in other things, too. Later they would like
to be a free country.
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