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Crystal Pepsi (Marketing) FINAL

No description

Sheena Mae Chua

on 15 July 2011

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Transcript of Crystal Pepsi (Marketing) FINAL

Industry Background 294336.5 in Million Pesos Market Share of Each Category Off-trade Sales of Soft Drinks (as sold) by Category: Volume 2005-2010 Off-trade Sales of Carbonates by Category: Volume 2005-2010 Also includes... 88,566,732 Philippine population as of 2007 Coca-Cola : 13-18 and 21-24 years old

Pepsi : 13 to 21 and 22 to 35 years old

RC Cola: teens/barkadas, families, community, working people Promotions Push and Pull Strategies Budget For Pepsi, Advertising and Promotions cost is the most flexible cost component.

8% of the cost component

Php 248,054,000 1990s Clear = Healthy clear
preservative-free Discontinued Healthy CLARITY rather than healthy PRODUCT $355 million in sales only out of the expected $1 billion False advertisement Why would we switch when the only thing that makes it unique is its color?

Where were its health benefits? Push or lure the consumers into looking for the product and going to the stores themselves to buy the wholesalers and retailers to sell the product Pull Promotions Cost for 3 Years Breakdown of Costs Advertisements Print Ads TV Commercial Trade Incentives Consumer Incentives Merchandising Public Relations Website & Social Networks Target Market Primary Secondary Price Available sizes Distribution 1st year National Capital Region Where? How? Trade Traditional Modern 2nd year Same as first year, but slowly expanding nationwide Financials Clear



With Vitamins & Minerals History Product Location On- Trade Push and Pull Strategies Push the wholesalers and retailers to sell the product or lure the consumers into looking for the product and going to the stores themselves to buy Pull
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