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"Life as a Zulu"

No description

James Holley

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of "Life as a Zulu"

"Life As A Zulu" By James Holley There is a lot to being a Zulu. So lets start with some Basic Facts The Zulu Tribe is the largest in South America. They are located in the Nata Province of South America. In the 16th century, the Zulu migrated southward to their current location, under the powerful reign of King Shaki. Now lets disscuss some history. After King Shaki, Mpande was the next king. He allowed the British extensive control over his people. The Zulu were not happy. :( Once King Mpande died, the Zulu revolted. Sadly.... King Cetewayo was captured and killed, and the british prevailed. Next is Economy The Zulu are dependant on cattle and farming for sustinance and profit. All males are either farmers, cattle boys, or warriors. Most females are gatherers. Let's move on to the Zulu's political systems The Zulu are run by an all powerful cheif. This power is gained through genealogy. Although the Zulu Are ruled by the government, the people have a large role in public opinion. Religion The Zulu believe in the creator god, Nkuluunkulu The Zulu say to speak to the spirit world, they must invoke their ancestors. No misfortune is by chance, if something bad happens to you The gods are punishing you for your wrong doing What I have learned is... That the british had a connection to the Zulu tribe AND The religion followed by the Zulu. Sources www.viowa.edu/~africanart/toc/people/Zulu.html www.gateway-africa.com/tribe/zulu_tribe.html Thank you for watching "Life as a Zulu" GOODBYE!
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