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Mulan V. Ancient China

No description

Savannah Reed

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Mulan V. Ancient China

Mulan V. Ancient China
By: Savannah Reed
Max Rösch
Chelsie McGrady
Background Information
The Ballad of Mulan
Northern Wei Dynasty
386-534 CE
Too late for Huns
Movie during Han Dynasty
Han Dynasty did fight against the Huns
Confucianism & Honoring the family
Family Guardians & Megalithic stone dragon
Architecture & The Great Wall of China
Soldiers armor and hair
Example of Confucianism
Great Stone Dragon
Terracotta Solider Armor
- mainly historical

Han Dynasty vs. Northern Wei Dynasty
Gunpowder & Fireworks
Forbidden Palace build 16th century
The Emperor from Qin Dynasty 200 BCE
Differences between poem and the movie
Evil Hun Army
Family Guardians
Honoring the family
Soldiers armor and hair
Great Wall of China
Forbidden Palace
Not build before 15th century
Gunpowder and Fireworks
Not invented before the 8th century
Although the movies lacks historical correctness in many aspects, the portrayed Emperor, the Forbidden Palace and the fireworks/cannons are authentic Chinese.
The movie does a very good job at using Chinese art and culture to convey the viewer of an authentic Chinese setting and story.
The Emperor
Emperor Qin was Emperor from 247-210 BCE
400 prior to the Han Dynasty
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