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Un Semestre in Italia! Fall 2011

This Prezi documents my travels in Europe.Now, family and friends back home can see pictures from my experience abroad.

Allison Schulhof

on 19 July 2012

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Transcript of Un Semestre in Italia! Fall 2011

Italia! Fall 2011 in Italy Sesto Fiorentino I live at the Villa Corsi Salviati in Sesto Fiorentino, a town 10 km northwest of Florence The Villa belongs to the Guiccardini family, a noble italian family Florence This is a bird's eye view of Firenze from San Miniato al Monte, a Romanesque Catholic Church built in the 12th century Ponte Vecchio San Lorenzo markets Palazza Vecchio in
la Piaza della Signoria This famous Bridge over the Arno river is home to many gold jewelry stores The Duomo and The Baptistery- Cathedral built in the 11th Century Allison Schulhof Siena Siena is a very hilly city south of Florence. The Cathedral Built in the 13th century
Gothic Architecture The Palazzo Pubblico San Giminagno My roommate, Dede, and I in San Giminagno, a small tuscan town tucked into the hill. On the main road, there were many wine and olive oil shops, artisan shops, and cafes where people were sitting outside with a glass of wine. This is an overlook with a beautiful view of the valley, patched with vineyards and olive trees. Sept 9, 2011 Sept 9, 2011 Cinque Terre Pisa Unfortunately pictures can't even do this place justice... This wasn't the best day I had in Italy, this is was the best day of my life. Cinque Terre is the rugged coastline that begins the Italian Riviera. The 5 beautiful towns are connected only by an 8 mile hiking trail. Sept. 11, 2011 Sept 10, 2011 The Boboli Gardens Chianti Wine Tasting at Castello il Palagio Chianti is a wine region in Tuscany between Florence and Siena We tasted:
Rosa Rose 2009- table wine
Chianti Classico 2008- aged 9 months (sharp)
Chianti Classico Reserva 2005- aged 3 years (oak taste)
Montefolche 2006- Super Tuscan from good harvest year
Vin Santo - Dessert Wine Swirl in glass counterclockwise and look at the drip of the legs on the side of the glass. There are acres and acres of olive tree groves and vineyards -If the legs are far apart, the wine is younger
-If the legs fall slowly, the wine has a higher alcohol content Raise the glass to look at the color of the vine -If the wine is completely dark, it has aged longer. Swirl the glass again, and smell the wine with your mouth and nose. When you take a sip, sift in air through your front teeth. This accentuates the flavor. Tips on how to enjoy red wine: Sept. 17 Venice Sept 23-24 Glass blowing on Murano Island Piazza San Marco View of Canal Grande from the Ponte dell' Accademia View from Campanile di San Marco We took a gondala ride though the canals !! Ponte di Rialto Basilica of San Marco I saw some amazing things in Venice! Toured the Palazzo Ducale, the house of the venitian republic
Attended an organ and light concert in the Basilica (I felt God in the golden walls of the B of S.M)
Ate spaghetti at a local trattoria, and an accordian player came in to serenade us! Oh, and of course... Oktoberfest Munich Sept 29-Oct 2 Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit!! On the first day, I went to Hofbrau and the second day we went to Hacker Heyyy heyyyyy babyyy (ooh ahh) I wanna knowwww! Will ya be my girl! The Glockenspiel Neuschwanstein Castle Fussen Sooo, I ran out of memory on this Prezi... Click this link to continue following my more recent adventures! http://prezi.com/jnfkkay6echq/a-semester-in-italia-part-2/ Note: You may have to retype this link into another browser tab...
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