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Stock Characters

Introduction to the stock characters of Commedia Dell'arte

Monique Taylor

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Stock Characters

Brighella Commedia Dell' arte
Stock Characters The Masters The Servants The Lovers Other Characters Magnifico Pantelone il Doctore Female lover Male Lover Brighella Harlequino Zanni El Capitano The Witch Columbina 21st century element Comes from the country Moves in figure eights Dark powerful earthy Supernatural Leader of the city When he dies another appears Most powerful character Higher status then the other masters Father of one of the lovers Metaphorical representation of money Carries a coins purse at his crutch Often fondles the coin purse Hunches his back Can be considered sinister Leans back when walking Is the father of one of the lovers Often acts an obstacle to the young lovers He is a pompous know it all He is obese and often rubs or hold his stomach His walk is lead by the belly Though all he knows is nonsense Interacts mostly with Pantelone, as friend or foe Commonly named Isabella Star crossed lover that never touches her partner Daughter of Pantelone Over dramatic In love with the idea of love Is aware of the audience and interacts with them She is headstrong, flirtatious and sensous Often poses as though fainting Commonly named Flavio Son of il Doctore Star crossed lover that never touches his partner Speaks in metaphor Stands in ballet poses Moves lightly as if not in contact with the ground Uses bravado and excessive shows of manliness to hide is cowardness Normally a outsider to the town Walks with his head held high and chest out Often poses with his sword held out Tells many stories of the battles he has 'won' though in truth he would flee at the sight of a mouse She is a servant though she is often the only functional intellect on the stage Often dressed in a ragged dress and seen carrying a tambourine She plays the 'tricky slave' using her feminine wiles and wit to get her own way Always works to set up the lovers She is married but has often been known to cheat Also know as Arlecchino Very acrobatic Humble and gluttonous Has a love interest in Columbina Often wears a jester or clown style costume Wears white baggy clothes and hat Often carries wooden sword or stick (slap stick) They longer there nose is the dumber they are Often do Lazzi (a samll scene that is unrelated to the main scene) Walk in small steps in groups of threes Run with legs kicking out to the front and toes pointed Sleep standing with one leg tucked up into the other knee and one arm held horizontal across body with other arm resting on it vertically to hold up head Makes z noises when sleeping Portrayed as either servant or middle class eg. restaurant owner He is quite witty and is a master at lying He often schemes, and they rarely fail Interested in his own benefit only Has been known to be violent and malicious particullarly to those lower on the social scale Sings, dances and plays guitar on stage
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