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Input, Output, Storage, & Processing

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Abigail Nakai

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Input, Output, Storage, & Processing

Input, Output, Storage,
& Processing By: Abigail N. Four Main Parts Input Output Video Storage Resources: The four main parts of the computer
are the Input, Output, Storage, &
Processing. These are the FOUR main
parts. In this Prezi I will explain further
more of these parts. Input is information you are putting into
the computer. Such as a keyboard. A keyboard is an example because, you are typing information. As you type, it displays what you are typing on your screen. Storage is something we use everyday. Storage on every piece of electronics we have. To store which level we are, when we play video games, how many points we have, and to store our files , music, videos, and so forth. We have types of memory such as R.A.M. and ROM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, it is used for new files that are temporary stored. ROM stands for Read Only Memory, it does not accept any new information. Processing is what is used to process the information that we put into the computer. It processes it and translates the information into something the computer will understands. The computer only understands with ones and zeros. Processing helps us kind of understand our computers. Computer Basics Inside a Desktop Computer http://educate.intel.com/en/TheJourneyInside/ExploreTheCurriculum/EC_IntroductionToComputers/

video from youtube

images from google Output is when the computers gives you information. As you can see I put speakers at
the bottom of this slide. The speakers represent what output is because it's giving out sounds. Sounds on a slide show, movie, or just music. Processing
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