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AEC ERP Inventory & Materials

AEC ERP Product Presentation

Yudhishtirudu Gaddipati

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of AEC ERP Inventory & Materials

Products / Services Order Book/ TASKS Integrated Environment Fixed Assets Servicing Services Sub-Contract Services Short Services PWR: Labor Contracts IncorporatedMaterials Finished Goods Cost of Goods Sold Work-in-Process Income Expenditure Assets Liabilities Clients/Buyers Projects/Orders Progress Locking: Tasks Finish and System Pulls WIP and Pushes FG to Accounts Progress Entry Only Approvals and Audit by Manual means Record the Physical Progress Progress & Expenditure Recording Enter Field Qty Record the Field Log PMS EMS OMS Diesel (Fuel) Cost: 1.15 x 3.5 x 51 = 205.28 WP: Hiring Cost: 1.15x238.5=274.28 System Driven Accounting Hiring Machinery AMS Expenditure Entries System Pushes Expenditure to Accounts under WIP on Every Update System Driven Service Provider Bills Tractor…Hire: 1.15x15000/250 Hr = 69 Production Fuel Reconciliation PGRN Quality Assurance Arrivals PGDN Drafts PGDN Form PGDN Form... Quick GRN Goods Receipt Notes Uploading Invoices
Managing Missing Notes
Managing Wrong Entries Bills Pushed to Accounts Approved Bills Bill View Gross Trade Purchase Billing Manage Bills Material (Inventory)Management (MMS) Job Card Consumption Fixed Assets/Tools Inventory Materials Business Transformation System Driven Transactions Manual Transactions Resources Requisition PO View WO View Releases Subcontracting Work Order View/Manage Purchase Orders PO Limits Rush Order Purchase Orders Approval Batch Process: Auto-Indenting from Planning Indenting Procurement Processes Terms & conditions How to Process RFQs Vetting & Assignments Quotations Generate Enquiries Task/Resource Relation Factory Sales Sale Order Day Sales Price List Credit Info Over View Reports Stocks & Issues PGRN View Processes Status SGDN Price Config Royalty Ch Sale Bill POs & WOs Status Invoicing Reports Vendor Pages Sale Order Creation Purchase Services Purchase Goods Status of Vendors Status of Supplies Internal Views Vendor Bills Vendor Access Vendor Account Vendor Masters Vendor Sales Entry Vendor Monitors Documents Storage Periodical Sales Config LOC Invoice Lorry Receipts Delivery Challans Debit/Credit Notes Auto Fwd Letter Bill of Exchange Consumables Incorporated Servicing Secured Classification Stock Transfers Job Card Consumption Stock Receipts & Consumptions Conversion Job Cards for Issues Fuel Reconciliation Planning Post set : Resources on the Subtask on a Scheduled Day Planning Preset : Resources on the Subtask on a Scheduled Day Budgeted Costs Breakup Budgeted Cost Breakup: Services & Hired Eqpt Sample Task at Budget Planning Debit Notes Loan Issues Sale Bills Job Card Consumption Machinery Spares Bank/Cash Materials
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