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The History of Slalom Water Skiing

A little bit about the best sport ever - History B6

Marinda Davis

on 12 February 2017

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Transcript of The History of Slalom Water Skiing

What is slalom water skiing?
water skiing on one ski
"slalom"= to weave in a winding or zigzag course
The History of Slalom Water Skiing

Slalom Buoy Course
professional skiers use the buoy courses
recreational skiers weave across the wake of the boat and go around pretend buoys
Whitney McClintock
my dad :)
Slalom Skiing in the 1950s
Who invented slalom water skiing?
Ralph Samuelson
first person to slalom ski in 1925
18 years old when he did it
also first person to invent regular water skiing
July 2, 1922
Ralph Samuelson invents the first water skis at Lake City, Minnesota
Ralph drops one of his skis and is the first person to slalom water ski
October 27, 1925
Fred Waller patents the first water skis, called "Dolphin Akwa-Skees"
American Water Ski Association (AWSA) is organized by Dan B. Hains
first Slalom Water Ski National Championships are held in Long Island, New York
Where was slalom skiing invented?
Lake Pepin, Lake City, Minnesota
Slalom Skiing: Then and Now
Ralph water skiing, 1922
Ralph slalom skiing, 1925
Through the 1940s and 50s, the typical slalom rope had two handles.
In the 1960s, one handle ropes started being used.
What were the first water skis made of?
Ralph's first skis, including his slalom ski, were made of curved barrel staves.
He tied them to his feet with straps of leather.
Barrel Stave
Ralph's first water skis.
Water skis used to be made of wood, but now are made of fiberglass.
Modern skis have special bindings and adjustable fins.
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