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Italian Assesment

Proper One .

Elloise Case

on 24 October 2011

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Transcript of Italian Assesment

Verona, Italy Verona, Italy Piazza delle Erbe Geography Landmarks/Monuments Arena Di Vernoa Piazza delle Erbe is one of the most historical and picturesque squares in the whole country. It stands where the ancient Roman Forum was once located, but it now a place for the local markets to be held. Ponte Pietra Scaligeri Tombs The Arena di Verona was built in 30AD, and is a Roman Ampitheatre in Piazza Bra, Verona. It is internationally known for its large-scale opera performances. The Scaligeri tombs are 5 funerary monuments
celebrating the Scaliger family, who ruled
Verona from 13th-14th Century. The
tombs are located in a court of the
church of Santa Maria Antica. The Ponte Pietra (Italian for 'Stone Bridge'),
is a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige
River. It was completed in 100 BC. The bridge
was blown up in WW2, but was later rebuilt
in 1957. Verona is a small city located
in the region Veneto, Northern Italy,
and is home to over 265,000 people.
The city spreads over approximately
1,426 km2 and surrounded by many
famous cities such as; Milan, Venice
and Bologna. Its exact location
is 45° North, 11°East. Tourist Information Attractions Casa di Guilietta- Casa di Guilietta, or the House of Juiliet, is a very popular monument, as it is the
house of Shakespear's Juliet from 'Romeo & Juliet'. Even though Juliet is purely a fictional character,
this lovestory will always be a legend of the city.
Castelvecchio- The 'Old Castle' of Verona once served as the fortifications which protected Verona from invading armies, and was also home to the Della Scala family. Nowdays, the castle is a museum.
Chiesa de Sant Anastasia- Verona's largest church was built by Dominican Monks in the 13th Century, and after almost 200 years of building, it still stands today. Restaraunts Maffei S.R.L
Location: Piazza delle Erbe
Rating: Bottega del Vino
Location: Vicolo Scudo di Francia
Rating: Accomodation Guilietta e Romeo Hotel Accademia Hotel Songo di Guilietta La Trattoria di Giovanni Rana Tre Corone
Loaction: Piazza Brà
Rating: History Of Verona The city of Verona has been home to many settlements over the past 300,000 years, where extroadinary monuments and landmarks have been built to take a new urbanised shape. Over the years, Verona has become an extremely important city of Italy, due mostly to its geogrpahical loaction, providing access to Northern Italy and is now one of the most highly urbanised cities in Italy.
Verona became a country free from the barbarians in the 13th Century, was then ruled by the Scala family and transformed into one of the most important kingdoms of all time.
Many of Verona's landmarks and monuments hold an exciting piece of the citie's history, and are not worth missing. By Elloise Case :)
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