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A Lesson Before Dying

No description

Yashashri Pendse

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying
Ricky Heckenstaller, Michael Lambdin, Chima Okwu-Lawrence, and Yashashri Pendse
Important Definitions

: to treat someone as though he or she is not a human being

: to make someone feel ashamed or foolish

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Dehumanized and/or Humiliated of Characters
Called a hog
Treated as a dead thing
referred to as a "thing" and "it"
Degraded even when highly educated
Forced to:
Comply with his peers
Make himself seem inferior
Tolerate disrespect
Dehumanization of Jefferson

"Jefferson is dead. It is only a matter of weeks , a couple of months — but he's already dead." - Grant

"He's locked up in that cage like an animal." -Grant

Jefferson's Reaction
"'I'm a old hog,' he said. 'Youmans don't stay in no stall like this. I'm a old hog they fattening up to kill."

" He knelt down on the floor and put his head inside the bag and started eating, without using his hands. He even sounded like a hog."
Jefferson's Reaction
Humiliation Of Grant
"I had not come through that back door once since leaving for university."

"Even with book learning we were still fools if did not have god in our hearts"

"He stare at me and I realized that I had not answered him in the proper manner. 'Sir,' I added."

"It seemed that he and the sheriff were doing everything they could to humiliate me even more"

"To show too much intelligence would have been an insult to them."

"You going up there...or you don't sleep in this house"
"Why, I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this." - defense attorney

"What you see here is a thing that acts on command." -defense attorney
Humiliation in Bayonne
"At his age he was still only a messenger to run errands."

"You going with us up the quarter"

"There was a Catholic church uptown for whites; a Catholic church down town for colored."

"The toilet for colored people...was always filthy...The toilets inside were for whites only."
Dehumanization/Humiliation Today
Disney movies can be humiliating and dehumanizing.
The Little Mermaid is racist, and sexist.

Racism exists today behind closed doors more than out in the open but it shows more by the way you act

Teenagers are constantly being humiliated in class. When teens report such issues, nobody believes them. After all, it's a teacher against a measly student.
. Dehumanization and Humiliation is not tolerated today; this was not true in the 1940's.

. Jefferson and Grant went through both Dehumanization and Humiliation and learnt how to deal with the issue.
Today we don't tolerate the dehumanization and humiliation of others as much as we used to.

We try to prevent what happened to Jefferson from happening again.

This does not mean dehumanization and humiliation doesn't exist.
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