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Water Cycle

Obj 3.7 Describe the effects of the water cycle on Earth

Bonnie Howard

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Water Cycle

Water Cycle
But in fact most waters just chillin in the oceans
Only a small fraction is really in motion at any give time
But yo, that's the way it goes
When we're studying the voyages of H2O
The Water Cycle Rap
I rise from the ground and the sea below
Then down to the ground as rain and snow
I represent the movement of water
That's my purpose
And when the water falls back to the Earth as rain, snow, hail or sleet that's .....

Two more terms to add to your collection
The movement of water through the air is.....


And speaking of keeping it moving understand that runoff is water flowing across the land
I Rise to the sky from the sea below
Then down to the ground as rain or snow
I keep it moving moving, cos' I'm the water cycle
Moving moving, cos' I'm the water cycle
With the on, above or below the Earth's surface
In a continuous cycle my work's never done
Cos' I'm driven by energy from the sun
I travel through the sea, through the air, through the ground
You could say that water really gets around
In the cycle water changes states at various places
The three states being ice, liquid and water vapor
But this cycle strays from the norm
Cos' through the process water still keeps the same structural form
While other cycles involve chemical change
Water may change states but its structure stays the same
So when water transforms from liquid to gas
And rises up into the atmosphere that's.....


A process made possible by energy from the sun, also known as .....

And when the water in the sky
Reforms into liquid water droplets that's .......

But plants have their own type of evaporation
Through their stomata, which is called ......

So collectively the term is used for transpiration plus all other evaporation is .....

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