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The Corrupt Bargain

No description

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Corrupt Bargain

Why was it Important
The Corrupt Bargain was important because it changed the presidency forever. It also affected both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson in many ways.
Who was Involved
Andrew Jackson- Presidential candidate, Democrat Republican
Henry Clay- Senator of Kentucky
John Quincy Adams- Presidential candidate, National Republican
Anne Putnam- Does
Where Did it Occur
The Corrupt Bargain took place in Congress between Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams.
How it Happened
John Quincy Adams promised Henry Clay a position as Secretary of State if Clay helped him win the election against Andrew Jackson. Secretary of State was next in line to become president. After Adams won the election, this was called the 'The Corrupt Bargain'.

The two main presidential candidates were impacted by The Corrupt Bargain. For Adams, his reputation was slowly ruined for his actions. He did not win the next election. For Jackson, he swept the competition the next election and became the President of the United States.
The Corrupt Bargain
How it Impacted the Future
What was it
In the election of 1824, Jackson ended up with more electoral and popular votes but this was not enough to win the election so the vote went to the House. to make sure that Adams won the election, he sent Henry Clay to convince the House to vote for him. this was the corrupt bargain.
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