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Zombie Survival

No description

Arlen Bento

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Zombie Survival

Category 1: Size of Group
Category 2: Zombie Weapons
Category 3: Supplies
Category 5: Forced To Flee
Zombie Survival
How we are going to do it
Choice of Transportation
Where will we go
Whats places would be safe

What supplies do you need
How will you get your food/water
Is your food supply able to be replenished
Will it expire after a certain amount of time

How to survive in Martin County
Hiding out in someone's home
A school or store as our base
How to fortify our base
Our Base is close to supply sources

How many people will you allow to be in your group?
Will you seek out other people?
Are there certain types of people you would be looking for to group up with?
Are there some you would avoid?
Will you stay in one spot or be more nomadic?

Category 4: Fortify Martin County
What Weapons will you use and how many will you need
Are the Weapons load or quiet
Are They Heavy
Are you experienced with these weapons
Does it serve for a secondary purpose
Will your weapon have to be reloaded
is there risk and finding ammo or supplies for your weapons

Brett Benedix
Trey Bento
Keaton Campo

Period. 6

Category 6: Survival Plan
What weapons will you use?
Small Hand Guns, Hunting Rifles, Bats, Knives, Crossbow
Hunting Rifles/Hand Guns:
Attract zombies
Slow reload times
Small clips
Bats/ Knives/ Crossbow:
Have to be close to the zombies
creates more risk

How would you try to survive in Martin County?
Hunting Rifles/Hand Guns
Defend against zombies from a distance
ability to hunt
defend against other groups
Bats/ Knives/Crossbow:
Good if out of ammo
Allows a sure backup weapon
many windows
large watch area
many rooms
access to the roof
big area to roam
courtyard to plant crops
heavy hurricane doors and windows
How many will you need?
Decision: At Jensen Beach High School
At least one hand gun per person along with a knife other weapons will be used for specific jobs or tasks
• A lot of weapons
• A lot of ammo
• Possible friendly fire
• Someone could leave and take the gun with them

• Everyone has protection at all times
• Has a quiet weapon
• Can kill a zombie from a distance
• If out of ammo always has a knife

Would you hide in someone's home?
Not as safe
Got to build up security
Zombies or other crews inside
Feel like you're at home
Beds, furniture, kitchen, and bathrooms
capture food and rethink next decisions

Decision: Only if we lost our main spot
Would you choose a school/store as base?
Large area
Many rooms
Many windows
Access to roof
Drop down ladders from roof to ground
Courtyard to plant crops
Maximum security with heavy doors and windows
Decision: Yes! Jensen Beach High School
Are the weapons loud?
Attracts zombies
Close weapons
require close range but doesn't attract zombies
Kills zombies at a longer range
protects self and group
Close Weapons
A reliable back up
Decision: Loud and Quiet
Are They Heavy?
Could slow down the weaker people
Could require someone to care more than 1 weapon
Decision: Not super heavy
The stronger could carry
the medium weighted weapons could allow for movement and also firepower
What are your long term plans?
How do you plan on surviving long term?
What will you do as supplies run out such as gasoline, generators, and ammunition?

How would you fortify your base?
Decision: drop down ladders, supplies, stack up cars in front of the school
Decision: Somewhat
The experienced could protect the group the most
skilled people could lead the group
Easy to control
Easy to maneuver
Could cost the group ammo
Could cost the group safety
could crack under the pressure of shooting something
Decision: 5
Does it serve a secondary purpose other than killing zombie?
Waste of ammo
Could hunt
Fight other groups
Make a shelter
Better chance of survival
Everyone has their own special ability
is there risk in finding ammo or supplies for your weaponry?
Decision: Young men and women who are intellectually smart, trustworthy, strong and good with weapons
More baggage to care for
Could lead to other people also looking for supplies
Could lead to more shelter
Could be hard to find ammo
could lead to another group trying to kill you
Decision: People with small children or pets
Have to move a lot
Searching for resources
More gas
What supplies would you need?
Maneuver easily from bad areas
Decision: more nomadic if we lost our main spot
Have food Whenever
Always have medical supplies
Decision: Yes
Are you experienced in using these weapons?
Slow down the group
could leave us searching for food
Decisions: food that will not expire, a way to get water at all times, Medical supplies, Ammo
Lots of planning
Find all the supplies at the stores
Lot of physical movement planning
How will you get your food and water?
Finding supplies almost anywhere
Far from Martin County
Gas for vehicles
Easy access to safety
well thought out escape route
home land
Could sneak attacked by zombies
could search and find nothing
could get attacked by another group
High elevation
More weapons & better protection
Decision: To survive and reach the destination of AUTEC Complex
Decision: Searching homes and stores
Is your base close to supply sources?
Decision: Yes, Home Depot
Our lives
Gas and long lasting materials
Why did you make these decisions?
Decisions: easiest and the least time

Decision: Making it to the Navy base
is your food supply able to be replenished?
People might take all the supplies before us
Might be already crowded with people there
No real benefit to this
• Have to search for food
• Have to wait for food to grow
• Have to stay in one place for a long time

Decision: No
Will it expire after a certain amount of time?
Many supplies
Many tools and weapons
Crops to plant in our garden
• Always have food on hand
• Always be able to eat

• Could run out of all canned food
• After a while could run out of food

No power
Least likely to find supplies
Decision: No
Using inexpensive items
Decision: Use swords, crossbows, and knifes for weapons
How are you going to do this?
Decision: it will be risky but we will make the trip all the way out to AUTEC Complex in West Palm Beach
Far distance
Crew members could die/get injured
Navy Base
Large area
Could pick up new members and supplies including weapons
Choice of Transportation?
Decision: One 3-person bicycle and a big large U-haul truck to carry supplies
Could die on the way
Run out of gas
Might be attacked on the way
3- person bicycle: no gas, just energy
U-haul truck: hold supplies, strong hold vehicle
Where will you go?
Decision: AUTEC Complex in West Palm Beach
Not knowing whats out there
Far distance
Navy Base
Safe area
Made to be defended
What places would be safe?
Decision: schools, gun shops, jails
Could be populated already
Could be killed by other crews
Safe areas
Secure and high security
Could have nearby shops and supplies
More food and supplies
Respect and trust
Depend on one another
Live off the land
Plant crops for food
Care for sick or hurt
More Weapons
More Food
Saves Food

Wont slow down the group

Will your weapons have to be reloaded
Decision: Yes
We will have to take time to reload
Have to have ammo on hand at all times
No benefit to having to reload
Decision: Yes
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