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Second Chance Career Shadowing 2010.

By: Courtney Fletcher Job Mentor: Jessica.

Courtney Fletcher

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Second Chance Career Shadowing 2010.

Career Shadowing At: Second Chance. Mentor: Jessica By: Courtney Fletcher
The purpose of the company is to help women that have made a mistake in their life, such as doing drugs, or doing something that you went to jail for. They provide a program that consist of you living in a home with other girls that have made mistakes. You are in the program as long as you need it. They find you a job, they also will help with obtaining your GED. When your program time is almost up they help find you a place to live if you need it. In the program they have a set of rules some are no smoking only christian music, no cell phones and after sixty days of being in the program you can go off for the weekend but you have to sign out and have a set time that they know when your going to come back. This Company Will be the Same in 15 years but there will be new girls and, the place might have a new program and new house moms along with new house material. Purpose of Company. Where the company will be in 15 years. The employabillity skills needed for this job are to be able to follow the rules. To be able to get along and listen to others. Employability skills needed. Technology used in this job. the technology they use for this job is Computers, and phones. Skills needed for this job. To be able to work on this job you have to be able to get along with people and not judge how people act because some girls are in bad shape. Would you pursue a career with this company. Yes I think I would pursue a career with this company because I would like to help out people that need it. what do you like most about this job? The thing I like best about this job would be that they get to help out women that are in great need of it and it helps to get the girls back on track with what they need to be doing with there life. What do you dislike about this job? One thing I dislike about this job is they dont have a program for men to go if they needed help.
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