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Mully Children's Family (MCF)

No description

Yvette Hui

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Mully Children's Family (MCF)

Mully Children's Family (MCF)
Mulli born into family of 9, abandoned by 6 years old by parents to fend for himself by begging
Taken back and abandoned again at 9 years old
Taken in by grandparents, but abandoned again 3 years later due to poverty
Took up odd jobs to pay for primary school (paid tuition costs by himself)
Through odd jobs, Mulli sustains himself, starts business
Business is first stepping stone to success
Later rose to become millionaire owning real estate, garages of public service vehicles, owning security company, and acres of land in Kenya
1986: encounters gang of street children who planned to steal his vehicle
Turning point in life
1989: founded MCF
Sold almost everything he owned to do so
Turning point causes Mulli's yearning to help kids so they do not suffer like he did early in his life
"Daddy Mulli" with his "children".
MCF Yatta dam that flooded to the extent of being ruined
MCF Ndalani branch
"Imagine an Africa where every child has the opportunity to develop their full potential. This is our dream for Africa. And we're making it possible, one child at a time."

- Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation, Canadian branch of Mully Children's Family
Dr. Charles Mulli, founder of MCF
MCF Yatta:
Residential, rehabilitation centre for 425+ Vulnerable girls
Includes street girls, child prostitutes, child laborers, child mothers with babies, orphans, school drop outs, internally displaced children, and abused and abandoned children
70 km from Nairobi

MCF Eldoret:
Main rescue centre
First MCF home
Base for successful coordinating of MCF emergency intervention activities
MCF Vipingo:
Community based child care centre
Rescues and rehabilitates orphans and other Vulnerable children affected greatly by sex tourism
Offers free meals and education daily
Most girls get relocated to MCF Yatta, a girls-only home

MCF Kipsongo:
Community based child care program
Feeding programs for children in Kipsongo slums
Brings back drop-outs (drop out because of lack of money for food) by providing meals
Provides free education from "Baby Class" to third grade
Mully Children's Foundation
Manages residential homes for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC)
Manages own schools for OVCs
Manages community based child care programs while promoting community ownership and participation in aiding OVCs
Manages self sustainability projects mainly in Yatta sub-county, Machakos County, Kenya branches
Rescues street children (orphaned babies, kids affected by HIV/AIDS, boys forced into child labour, girls forced into sex trade)
Christian organization
Over 7000 children touched, currently caring and offering support for 2000+
100+ beneficiary graduates from institutions of higher learning, 100+ in university/college/institutions of higher learning currently
Primary and secondary schools among top of country in National exams
"Canadians have played an integral part in the rescue and rehabilitation of Kenya's orphaned and abandoned children. Together, we provide resources that allow Kenya's children an opportunity to grow into independent and valuable contributors to their communities."

-Ev. Charles Mulli
Daddy Mulli's Story: The History Behind MCF
MCF headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya

MCFCF headquarters: Pickering, ON, Canada
MCF Kangundo:
Community based child care centre
Operational since 2003
Gives out free clothing, food, medical care, basic primary education, spiritual nourishment
Currently 214 students

MCF Ndalani
Residential care and rehabilitation for over 600 children
107 km from Nairobi, in Yatta District
Allows children to access basic services (feeding programs, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, extra-curriculars, spiritual development, counseling
Medical clinic set up
Rescue and rehabilitation
Education and training
Vocational training
Spiritual development
Sports and co-curricular
Sustainability projects (ex. horticultural production through drip irrigation, own fish and poultry farming, own construction)
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Emergency relief response
Community outreach and development
Invites Canadian volunteer teams to open free medical clinics and do outreach
Previous Canadian volunteer team's group photo in 2012.
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