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Tanko Bushi

No description

Shannon Duffy

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Tanko Bushi

Tanko Bushi
Tanko Bushi
The Tanko Bushi is a narrative, Japanese folk dance.
It is a celebration of the hard-working Japanese people who labored in the coal mines.
The dance is a collection of highly stylized movements that symbolically represent the coal miners' difficult job.
is an island nation in the Pacific. This map will give you an idea of
size and location relative to the U.S.
The Tanko Bushi is traditionally performed at at festivals honoring the ancestors, like the summer festival,
Today, it is performed mainly by women, although men may participate.
The traditional costume is the
, a beautifully decorated dress with flowing sleeves and an intricately tied sash. Kimonos are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
The traditional song is
Bon Odori
and there are versions both with and without lyrics. The Tanko Bushi and Bon Odori are very popular.
Here is a performance of the Tanko Bushi at the Obon in San Francisco in 2012.
This is the Japanese flag, or Hinomaru, which
means circle of the sun
This map presents a closer look at Japan (in bright
Here is a great video for learning the Tanko Bushi. You begin with claps and then dig coal from each side. Carry the coal on each shoulder. You go out of the mine and admire the moon, then push your lorry, open the gate, and the dance repeats. The dance moves counterclockwise.
Now, we'll learn and perform it together!
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