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Generic Brand Soda VS. Name Brand Soda

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Christopher Sukle

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Generic Brand Soda VS. Name Brand Soda

Generic Soda Vs
Name Brand Soda

Chris Sukle Research Questions & Rationale Study Design Data Inferance In Conclusion Is name brand soda worth the increased price? I tested whether name brand soda was worth the extra price or not. I hope to prove, that through a taste test, name brand soda isn't prefered any more than Generic brand soda. The study was designed to be a double-blind experiment, where neither the tester (me) nor the subject, knew what kind of soda they were getting. Before the experement the Soda was stripped of any distinguishing features (Label/Cap) beforehand, and was put into another bottle, and re-labeled by a third party. In addition, the treatment was randomized twice. The first time by the roll of a die, deciding which of the three groups the subject would receive, and then again, with a flip of the coin, deciding which type they would get first. (A or B) There were three groups of soda, split up into an A and B for each group, one being Generic brand, the other Name brand. I got a total of 32 different subjects
spanning all four grades. In total, 15 people prefered Name brand soda while 17 people prefered Generic brand. The results for the other groups were as follows.

Group 1: 8 people, 5 prefered Name brand, 3 prefered Generic

Group 2: 13 people, 6 prefered Name Brand, 7 prefered Generic

Group 3: 11 people, 4 preferred Name Brand, 7 preferred Generic. The Test Not a single test came out with P<a with a being 0.05.

1 prop z-test

Ua=P not 0.5

Z=-0.3536 P=0.7237
Group 1:
Z: 0.707 P: 0.479

Group 2:
Z: -0.277 P: 0.782

Group 3:
Z: -0.905 P: 0.367 Because P was greater than alpha in all four tests, we fail to reject Ho, therefore, there is no significant distinction between a preferance for Name Brand Soda, and Generic soda. It can be inferred through this, that Name Brand Soda isn't any better than Generic brand soda in this case. Thus, in conclusion, I've found that there is no preferance to name brand over Generic brand in the Period 7 AP Statistics class. To me, this means that Name Brand soda isn't worth the increased price that comes with the brand name, and personally, I don't think i'm ever buying most name brand sodas again. Some possible extrentions for this experiment, besides the obvious larger sample, are going into detail with more sodas. Perhaps testing generic vs. both Pepsi and Coke at the same time would lead interesting results.
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