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darwin report

No description

Chris Hong

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of darwin report

hi my name is chris
hi kdgav hi hihih Darwin Stuff Charles Robert Darwin was born in England on February 12,1809 at his family home. Darwin was born as a son in a rich family. He was a fifth child out of six. His dad was a doctor. He was a rebel and didn't do what his dad told him to do. During his life, he lived opposing his dad's will. He didn't become a doctor although his dad wanted him to be a doctor. Charles Darwin went on a trip on a ship called HMS Beagle.
A guy named Fitzroy, who was a captain of the ship, hired
Charled Darwin. Beginning on the 27th of December, 1831,
the voyage lasted almost five years and, as FitzRoy had
intended. The voyage was funded by Great Britain. The voyage took place in a lot of different places.
First, the ship stoped at St. Jago. There, Darwin
found that a white band high in the volcanic rock
cliffs included seashells. The next stop which was
Brazil, Darwin was delighted by the tropical forest,
but was really sad because of the slavery. The next
stop which was Punta Alta in Patagonia he found
fossil bones of huge extinct mammals in cliffs
beside modern seashells, indicating recent extinction
with no signs of change in weather or climate.
He went on the Galapagos island and saw many
animals that were different On the voyage he found a lot of fossils and he observed that all the fossils were different but they looked alike. By that he observed that there was everything mixed together in the world. He came up with adaptation, evouloution, variation, and many other theories. He also found Finches on the Galapagos island.
Along the way he found four in total. All the
finches had different beaks, according to the
enviroment they lived in. With those finches
he came up with a conclustion of adaptation.
With all the animals he found and with all the information he gathered,
he came up with a theory that everything has a common ancestor.
Which, in one word was, evolution. All the people back than was all
Christian. They opposed Darwin. They had a lot of argument.
Later, his thoughts were accepted but durring the opposing time,
he had a lot of hard time. In this world there is a thing called natural selection.
It is when induviduals that are better adapted to their enviroment are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species. This natural selection is caused by a thing called overproduction. That is when a organism reproduce too much and there is too little food or shelters. Also it is caused by variation. That is a difference between individuals of the same species. Also it is caused by a competition. Competition happens when there is not enough food for all organism so animals fight or compete to get their own food. Also when animals reproduce successfully without any harm, it is called Successful Reproduction. This is all connected to adaption. Adaption is when animals evolve to survive in the habitat it's in. For example, rabbits can overproduce once in a while. Not all rabbits can survive. That happens because there is not enough food for all the rabbits in one family. Another example for variation is that certain insects may be able to eat foods that other insects of their species can avoid. Some characteristics can give them advantage in this world. Competion, for example, can happen when insects dont find enough food or get eaten by predetors. Due to their variation, not all insects are going to be alive. Successful reproduction example is when animals reproduce successfully without getting bothered to be exact. Fossil record is a term used by paleontologists to refer to the total number of fossils that have been discovered. For example, fossil record can teach us the past by showing us how dinosaurs existed and how they looked like.
Vestigial structure is function structures that were functioning in an ancestral species. Over time the organism would stop using the structure and then the structure would go away on the outside but it would remain there on the inside. For example, animals have different bone structures. On the other hand homologous structure is similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor. For example, all the animals have the same base bone structure. Embryos is the young of a viviparous animal, especially of a mammal, in the early stages of development within the womb. For example, human babies when they are formed they look nothing like a baby. They look really different and looks weird. DNA evidence is evidence made my DNA. For example, they find out who killed who by searching their DNA. All of these connect with Theory because it proves that everything comes from one ancestor. Letter to the editor

I don't believe in Darwin's theory. I do not because it is not biblically true. His science doesn't make sense and neither evolution or creation is a natural law or a scientific fact, each is merely a model. The process of evolution just as the act of creation cannot be observed or repeated, so both models remain unproved by science. Therefore neither can be called a natural law such as the law of gravity or the laws of thermodynamics, which describe well proved and observed behavior subject to laws of nature nor a scientific theory which requires the possibility and evidence of repeated observations. So evolution just as creation is only a model used to explain the observations in the world as we know it. It is not a fact, not a natural law, not even a scientific theory, but just a model.
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