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ED 201

Brendan Gormley

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Financing

Financing Schools
Market Value
Right now each District is to determine the % of the Market Value that they need.
Centalization of School Funding means that the state would increase the taxes for the Entire state to staisfy the needs of a poorer District
General Funds Expenditures is the money spent in budget
States Contribute to school funding when property tax does fulfill a districts needs
Idaho State Dept of Edu defines Market Value as "the valuation of all properties within the boundaries of a school district that is used for tax purposes."
Idaho Falls
Boise Independent
25,000 Members
13,000,000,000 Market Value
Blaine County
3,200 Members
9,500,000,000 Market Value
1% of the market Value is the MAX
Determine if you district is adequate for a per pupil amount of...
How much would it cost to get a good education per student enrolled in that district
$xxxx per pupil
This money is used to cover the costs of running a school in a district; salaries, operations, books, maintance, etc.
Idaho Falls
10,000 Members
2,000,000,000 Market Value
Blaine County
$95,000,000 General Funds Expenditures
$30,000 Per Pupil
Idaho Falls
$20,000,000 General Funds Expenditures
$2,000 Per Pupil
Boise Independent
$130,000,000 General Funds Expenditures
$5,200 Per Pupil
Notus County
Market Value of $60,000,000
300 Members
$2,000 Per Pupil
Actual Numbers
x% of Market Value (General Funds Expenditures) Divided by the Full Term A.D.A.
Boise Independent
23,534 Full Term A.D.A.
$13,446,627,159 MV
$178,932,366 GFE
1.33% of Market Value
$7,603 Per Pupil
Blaine County
3,100 Full Term A.D.A.
$9,554,661,900 MV
$35,525,171 GFE
0.33% of Market Value
$11,457 Per Pupil
Idaho Falls
9,673 Full Term A.D.A.
$2,223,234,287 MV
$54,530,588 GFE
2.45% of Market Value
$5,637 Per Pupil
X% of the Market Value Makes up the General Funds Expenditures
Membership is the number of Students enrolled in a District
Full Term A.D.A. is the Average number of students in school on a daily basis for the school term
Money from State
Money from Local Taxes
Notus County
286 Full Term A.D.A.
$60,681,440 MV
$2,016,831 GFE
3.32% of Market Value
$7,036 Per Pupil
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