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Slickline/Wireline Operations

No description

Mohamed Fayez

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Slickline/Wireline Operations

Slickline/Wireline Operations

Mohamed Fayez Awad
Peng 332 What is a slickline, and why do we need it?!
A thin nonelectric cable used for selective placement and retrieval of wellbore hardware, such as; plugs, gauges and valves located in sidepocket mandrels.

Valves and sleeves can also be adjusted using slickline tools.

We need it since is the main connecting tool that allows us to control the subsurface assembly from the sruface. Uses and applications Slickline Depth Measurement
Well Guaging
Dump Bailing
Running/pulling Flow Controls
Shifting Open or Close Circulating Devices
Wireline Fishing
Running Test Tools
Hole Finding
Bottom Hole Fluid Sampling
BHP Surveys (Electronic and Mechanical)
Gas Lift Electronic Fast Response Tool Survey Examples & details Perforation Shifting The shifting tool is a tool that is used to open or close the SSD Shifting Tool Sliding Sleeve Door The perforating gun is connected through the slickline/wireline, and it operates by transmitting a current through the E-line to the perforating gun Sub Surface Safety Valve One of its main uses, is to keep a certain pressure pushing the sssv flapper to open for circulation, so that once it is torn, an emergency shut down takes place. Valves and Doors Measurement and activation 2 Types of Tools Temprature The firber optic system measures the distibution of temprature throught out the well. Cement Bond Tool It is a tool that evaluates the quality and integrity of cement around the casing. Caliper Tools This tool is used to identify if the was a wash out or a wear damage by evaluating the radius of the hole, the tubing, or the casing. Memory It provides advanced logging measurments Installation First we need to change the line direction of the reel posotion from horizontal to vertical by the sheeves Then we should let the line pass through the "pickle" or the entry-guide, in order to stablize its motion. We need to set the "Lubricator" which plays the role of the BOP but for the string line, and connect the desired tool. Gas Lift In the side pocket manderl the slickline is used to open the dummy for the mandrel to work. When choosing material grade for slicklines, please take the
following into consideration:
• Mechanical properties required
• Local concentrations of chlorides, carbon dioxide
and hydrogen sulphide
• Downhole pressure and temperature Considerations Grade selection guide Stretch Recommendations for line usage Questions?
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