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Was The One Child Policy A Good Idea?

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Hettie Kitson

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Was The One Child Policy A Good Idea?

By Hettie Kitson Was The One Child Policy a Good Idea? The Thoughts MY policy. GOOD things about the policy. BAD things about the Policy... Child One About The One Child Policy O ther I deas In Conclusion * Makes china less * Forced Abortion
* Fines
* Extra Tax
* Grade Changing
* No people skills * If every couple had at least two children then China would be in poverty
* Saves resources
* free and improved health & education
* Better living conditions * Some Girls may have to go into illegal professions
* Some parents sell their children to richer families * Kidnapping (mainly males) * sexism * Abandoning/ Neglect China's one child policy was established by the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to limit China's population growth, although designed as a temporary measure, it continues over a quarter of a century after it was established. The policy limits couples to one child. But citizens living in rural areas and minorities living in China are not subject to the law.

The rule has been estimates to have reduces population growth in the country. But this rule has made China Sexist, making females a lower class and this results to abandonment and neglect to female babies and toddlers, this has also made the ration of men to women, 114 to 100, but it should be 105 males are naturally born for every 100 females. I am researching the One Child Polity;
the good and the bad points, my thoughts,
and alternative ideas I think the one child policy was a good idea at the time but it wasn't supposed to be a permanent law, and it had allot of flaws, it made people neglect female babies, and people became sexist which lead to kidnapping male children and some parents even murdered their female babies in order to try for a boy.

But on paper the policy seemed like a good idea, it would reduce the population, which would make the resources a bit
more sustainable, it would increase jobs and have free and better health and education. But this policy can be seen as immoral and against basic human rights. Since the Policy, there are many more males to females, so they may be dropping the policy and If a son is born, whether it's your 1st or 10th child, you cannot have any more children. If a daughter is born, you can keep having daughters until a son is born.

Another suggestion is that females from other countries could come to live in China. In conclusion I think that they one child policy was a good idea but now it should be abolished and they should just let people have as many or as little children as wanted. They should also make both male and female equal, so that they can have the same opportunities in life; this would also lower Child Abuse, sexism and Kidnapping
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