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David P. McHugh - Resume

This is an online resume for David P. McHugh

David McHugh

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of David P. McHugh - Resume

David P. McHugh
Seeing the Big Picture
John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
University of Illinois
David P. McHugh
3101 West Canal Shore Drive, Le Claire IA
(309) 749-8873
I excel at understanding complexity and distilling it to the point that it is clear, actionable and able to be communicated.

I have an aptitude for seeing the big picture and understanding how individual actions impact the whole.

I understand what steps need to be taken today to achieve long term goals.
Business &
Technical Balance
I successfully adapt communication styles and methods to match the needs of my audience in technical and persuasive situations. I excel at keeping an audience engaged while getting my point across in both formal and informal presentation settings.
My mix of IT and business background allows me to see past technical details to understand the impact to customers, users and the business’s bottom line.

Conversely, I recognize customer needs and tailor technical solutions to satisfy them.
Seeing the Big Picture
Business & Technical Balance
Text Resume

Technology Solutions Architect
Apr 2012 - Present
Leading an initiative to improve the architecture of the JDLink application to create massive parallel scalability. Executed a consulting project for European Region Dealer Development that resulted in 8 solid recommendations to improve their software delivery process.

Key Learning: Consulting; cloud computing architectural patterns; information management
John Deere Global Application Services - Channel
Manager, Architecture & Product Planning
May 2011 - Apr 2012
Led a small team to successfully deliver an iPhone/iPad application that extended the JDLink product into the mobile space. Established goals, processes and teams to address system scalability for JDLink. Established new processes for system integration testing and expanded the partnering process to include an execution phase.

Key Learning: Mobile application design & delivery; partnering; agile/scrum methodology
John Deere Enterprise Business Applications
IT Division Leader – Telematics
Aug 2008 - Apr 2011
Built an international team to successfully deliver the industry leading JDLink telematics system and Fleet Care machine health diagnostic system, and also to enable the wireless delivery of machine controller software updates via Service Advisor. Led the team through the evolution from waterfall to iterative delivery methodology.

Key Learning: Building and leading a large team; software product delivery; risk management; large (i.e. $10m+ and 2+ years) program management; iterative development methodology
John Deere Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division
Manager, Program Office - Information Systems
Feb 2006 - Aug 2008
This developmental role within the IT Process area allowed me to successfully apply my knowledge and experience to the challenges of a much larger IT department than I had previously known. Major areas of responsibility included:
Annual business planning, including strategic planning and budgeting;
Departmental metric development and tracking;
Project tracking and success measurement.

Key Learning: Process improvement; enterprise budgeting and accounting; strategic business planning
Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.
Corporate Manager - Information Systems
Apr 1999 - Jan 2006
Responsibilities included overall direction and management of Ontrac’s IT environment including strategic purchasing and long-term planning. Under my direction and management, Ontrac’s IT organization moved from a bare, subsistence level to one that set the standards of excellence in the John Deere dealer community; one that currently provides leadership to other John Deere dealers in North America. Along the way, a number of substantial projects were successfully completed including:
Implementation of a corporate e-mail and collaboration system (Lotus Notes/Domino) along with the appropriate security infrastructure;
Establishing Internet connectivity and security;
Creation of an Ontrac corporate web presence and customer web portal;
Creation of a custom Sales Force Automation application and the plan of its rollout to users via wireless PDA devices.

Key Learning: IT Management; developing people; creating and executing strategy; sales process
PFW Systems Corporation
Installation Consultant (IC)
Oct 1995 - Mar 1999
Installing the PFW business system involved training users on a complex accounting and inventory control system, and also installing and supporting a variety of hardware and communication equipment. The need to train AS/400 system administrators required me to become highly knowledgeable of the OS/400 operating system and its supporting hardware platform. Shortly after joining the installation team, I began to lead the most highly complex installations for our largest customers.

Key Learning: Tailoring systems to support unique business processes
Productivity Point International
Account Manager
June 1994 - Sept 1995
As a Sales Account Manager for this value-added software training organization, I developed a results oriented approach to delivering information technology training solutions to numerous Southwestern Ontario companies. These organizations included Navistar International, Amway of Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard. During the last year of my employment I sustained an average growth rate in sales of over 29% per month.

Key Learning: Consultative selling process; tailoring solutions to meet customer needs
University of Guelph
Masters of Business Administration
2007 - 2009
Graduated at the top of my class
Honours Bachelor of Commerce
Management Economics in Industry & Finance
1990 - 1994
Multiple Citizenship: Canada & Ireland & USA
Each Employment Experience Has Added to My Overall Skill Set:
Cloud Computing Architecture Patterns
Information Management
Mobile Application Design & Delivery
Agile/Scrum Methodology
Building and Leading a Large Team
Software Product Delivery
Risk Management
Large Program Management
In 2011 the JDLink team received a collaboration award and in 2012 the team received an innovation award for the JDLink on iPhone/iPad product. Awards were presented by the John Deere Enterprise Engineering Council (EEC).

Received a Certificate of Academic Excellence for earning the highest overall grade of my MBA class (GPA: 3.98).

Judging and refereeing regional competitions for the FIRST Lego and FIRST Tech Robotics Challenge.
In 2010 I became a certified Open Water Scuba Diver.
John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
John Deere Global Application Services - Channel
John Deere Enterprise Business Applications
John Deere Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division
Ontrac Equipment Services Inc.
PFW Systems Corporation
Productivity Point International
(now John Deere’s Nortrax Inc.)
Iterative Development Methodology
Process Improvement
Enterprise Budgeting and Accounting
Strategic Business Planning
IT Management
Developing People
Creating and Executing Strategy
Sales Process
Tailoring Systems to Support Unique Business Processes
Consultative Selling Process
University of Illinois
University of Guelph
Work Eligibility
Recognition & Volunteerism
Thank you for your consideration.
Text Resume: http://goo.gl/oKxsI
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