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How to organise T

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Shahid Mahmood

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of How to organise T

How to organise Tabligh events?
1. First and foremost: DUA
&Letter to Hazoor (aba)
2. Identify need and nature of event
3. Identify goal/mission
4. Get approval
5. Make a Team
6. Prepare a Budget
7. Plan
8. Execute
9. Red Book Meeting
10. Follow up

Checklist - '10 steps to success'
1. First and foremost: DUA and
Letter to Hazoor (aba)

2. Identify need and nature of event
3. Identify goal/mission
4. Get approval
5. Make a Team
6. Prepare a Budget
8. Execute
9. Red Book Meeting
10. Follow up
Coffee Mornings
“A morning social gathering at which coffee/tea is served, typically one held in someone's house/Namaz Centres/Mosques for Tabligh through Example of Character.”

Coffee Morning:
Coffee Morning
Relaxed and laid back environment
Making friends
Tabligh by Example of Character
Target audience ?
Young Mothers



Tabligh Contacts

Current Affairs ?
Why do we believe in
Believe in interfaith because we are
the most
multi- cultural generation
in history

Best of our ideals come from
celebrating diversity

We want
to understand
our friends and neighbours better and more importantly we want
to be understood

Our own faith is
when we share it with others

At the core of every great religion is the
desire to unite
people not to divide

Everyone has a
to play

The more
people share the more elements there are for

In this time and age where hatred and hostility is
tearing the world apart
, specially in the name of religion, any
voice promoting brotherhood
between people of different religions is
a breath of fresh air
and need of the time.
Something for everyone
catchy phrases
initiate thought process
visually attractive
current affairs

step 4. Get Approval

local president

regional president

national tabligh team

Before putting anything into practise...

step 5. Make a Team
Choose team wisely

Get down to
step 6. Make a Budget

Discuss and get budget approved

What do we want to accomplish?

Recognition as a community which is at the forefront of charitable causes.
Nature of event:


promote brotherhood

raising awareness of good works
An opportunity for others to give and engage in civic minded activities.
Part of a community and we have a responsibility
What is our

Haqooqul Ibad – because it’s part of our faith

"Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources,
by requesting donations from individuals, businesses etc."

A Fundraising event plays an important and critical role in increasing awareness about the great work that people are doing
We can demonstrate that we are keen to fulfil our responsibilities
Focus Event: Coffee Morning
Presentation of food
division of food items
enough volunteers
serving team
windup team
number of people in each team varies according to how large your event is
Relaxed atmosphere
steer conversation
indirectly into the
right direction
make friends
small scale -> word of mouth
large scale -> flyers/posters
Focus Event: Interfaith
Focus Event: Exhibitions
relevant literature
display material sufficient?
Contact National TT
for resources
Be creative
Divide tasks
team for each dep
Plan well before time

Choice of Topic? Think back to purpose of exhibitions
Appproach library/other possible venues by email/call/in person
Confirm dates with enough time to
make a team
divide tasks
Knowledgable volunteers on hand for questions
Focus Event: Fundraiser
At Tabligh Events:

•No Lady has to give a speech in a mixed gathering.
•Ideal event: separate area for women.
•If mixed event do not mix freely in big groups.
•No woman should bring a man to a tabligh event .
•Under no condition should you eat with men.
•If mixed event is taking place point out to the organisers that you need a separate area.

Remember that you are the ambassadors of Khalifatul Massih, so ensure that you deliver excellent behaviour by safeguarding your reputation, chastity and honour
Programme in- charge:

organise speakers
choose appropriate MC
contact speakers of other faith
visit / letter/ email /
inform them of what / when/ where / why
ask of introduction about themselves
arrange speaker rep Jamaat
arrange good MC
MC script approval
Full programme printout for tables
Display name of speakers on stage

Registration in-charge:

Database of all arriving guests
Guests cards with names
Handouts at registration
Free gift
Guest book
Book Stall

Theme related literature
Ask National in- charge
for book supply

relevant to topic set for the event
research, write, print
get approval
mindful of printing cost
put up exhibition prior to event
work in collaboration with
decoration team

colour scheme
table deco
make a list of all tools and
equipment on the day
don't buy anything before approval
go and see venue well in advance


set menu - seek approval
be wise about the food
distribute catering to lajna or order from outside
set time of arrival of food
arrange transport
arrange plates, cutlery, glasses etc.
ensure presentation of food is of highest standard

Overall in - charge:

set date and time
manage: departments/teams/finance/deadlines/venue/invites
encourage lajna to bring guests - to make contacts
hold regular meetings
be there whenever needed
run everything through sadr lajna
ensure proper audio visual
expect the unexpected
Welcome Team:

take guests to the table
accompany guests
at all times
provide tea and refreshments
Nature of event:
educational, informative, promote understanding

What is out goal?
To build constructive dialogue between folllowers of differen faiths towards better understanding

What to we want to accomplish?
Answer: To be a leading model.
Fundraiser Example: Macmillan Cancer Support
Ask yourself -

what are you going to do ? (Type of fundraiser)

where are you going to do the event ?

When are you going to do the event ? (clashes with other events? )

Who do you want to support?

Brainstorm all ideas with you team

Make it something that you are passionate about

Think of money, resources and risks

Advertise thorughly:

schools, shops, local newspapers, online

Flyer (include): where? when? what you offer?

Don't forget to mention it's a women only event !
How to get donations outside of the Jamaat?
Don't only take donations from inside the Jamaat - think of other ways i.e.
local businesses

Example of follow up letter:

Business donation letters

Reply from Tesco's and Sainsburys

[Your Name]
[Church Name]
[City, State Zip]


To Whom It May Concern:

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, a non-profit organization, is planning a Fundraiser to be held on the 16th of March 2013, and we would like to request your support.

The AMWA is an auxiliary organization which is part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK. We have been serving local communities since 1913 and we remain committed to help others, engage with local communities and work for the common good. Our community is very active in its charitable works and each year we raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for British Charities such as: Barnardo’s, Save the Children UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal British Legion, Leukemia & Lymphoma Research, NSPCC and more.
Our activities have always been well received and been acknowledged by many including Her Royal Highness Princess Anne who awarded us the Princes Royal Certificate of thanks for our support to Save the Children.

To find out more about our organization, feel free to visit our website at http://www.loveforallhatredfornone.org/ .

This year, once again, we are hosting a fundraiser for MACMILLAN Cancer Support. One in three of us will get Cancer and it is important that we have the right support. As part of our Fundraiser, raffle tickets will be sold for a lucky draw. All the money will go towards Macmillan Cancer Support.
We are requesting 10 products that we could use as a prize for the lucky winners. We would appreciate if you could donate products of your choosing for Macmillan. As a thank you for your donation, we will acknowledge you during our event and add your business name to the list of donors in our program.

Thank you for considering our request. We hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 07824504672 or iraj_bakhsh@hotmail.co.uk .

Iraj Bakhsh
Public Relations Assistant

Remove this line: This is the letter to send after a personal call or visit.

[Your Name]
[Organisation Name]
[City, State Zip]


Dear [Name of Contact],

Thank you for speaking with me [Day of Week] about [Name of Event] to be held on [Date of Event]. We are a non-profit organization and we appreciate your willingness to support this cause.

Programme in- charge
- contact charity rep (woman)
- visit/send letter/email of what we intend to do
- inlcude: what/when/where/when/why ?
- request advertisement posters and goodies
- ask rep to attend for presentation of cheque
give them enough time to get back to you
- invite an honourable and respectable member of the Jamaat to hand over the cheque to the rep
- publish the programme on posters
- Arrange big presentation cheque
- Also organise REAL cheque
- Arrange goood MC
- Arrange Photographer
- Display names of business donor
- Ensure responsible adults handling money

- menu to be set
- seek approval
- label the dishes
- know your guests' taste buds
- distribute food lajna
- keep all receipts
- make a list of all things required
on the day
- High standard of food presentation

- no formal signing
- BUT for your own
local record (estimate guests)

Welcome Team:

- have to make guests feel welcome


use charity logo and charity theme

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