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Copy of SIPPS Challenge #54

Morphemic transformations and fluency.

Yvonnette Calixte

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SIPPS Challenge #54

Morphemic Transformations
industry converse system
industrial conversed systemic
industrialize conversation systematically
industrialized conversational
industrialization conversationalist SIPPS Challenge Lesson #54 a_ ee
ea i_ o_ u_ Guided Spelling
6. tion ly u con tion appropriate molecular frac sh lar th ch _tch wh ph tin al knowledgeable preferable indescribable memorization geographical irresponsible igh e_ Words and Syllables a fractionally mo lec continuation momentary u Morphemic Transformations

hesitate video lazy
hesitating videotape lazier
hesitatingly videotaping laziest
hesitant videoptaped laziness correspondingly
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