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No description

nancy rodriguez

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of CADL-2

Personal Opinion of the Assessment:
The test items are functional and through in capturing the true meaning of everyday activities within the test items.
Easy to score, administer, and follow along.
Examiner Record Booklet includes ‘Identifying Information’ and ‘History’ sections.
Short so the patient does not get fatigued.
Introduces the exam really well with personable questions at the start to ease nerves.
Visuals take into account possible visual impairments.
Verbal and nonverbal responses are acceptable. Purpose of Test Communication Activities of Daily Living-Second Edition
CADL-2 Assesses the functional communication skills of adults (18-80 years old) with neurological communication disorders (e.g. aphasia, intellectual disabilities, hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injury) What do you need? Examiner’s Manual
Picture Book
Examiner Record Booklet
Patient Response Form
Four $1 bills and 4 quarters
Working telephone
Page from a Telephone Directory
Pen Reliability .93 Content Sampling
.85 Test-Retest
.99 Interscorer Administration Time 1. Reading, Writing, and Using Numbers
2. Social Interaction
3. Divergent Communication
4. Contextual Communication
5. Nonverbal Communication
6. Sequential Relationships
7. Humor/Metaphor/Absurdity Authors Audrey L. Holland
Carol Frattali
Diana Fromm Publisher PRO-ED
1999 30 Minutes Normative Data 175 adults with neurological communicative disorders resulting primarily from left- or right- hemisphere stroke or traumatic brain injury Validity
Criterion-Related Validity: Compared stanine to Western Aphasia Battery quotient and results indicate this test is related to language functions as measured by a standardized test of aphasia.
Content Validity: 98% of test items measure functional communication. Scoring System Explanation: 1. Count the points received for all 50 items.
2. On page 1, Section III of the Examiner Record Booklet, record the Raw Score.
3. Use the Raw Score Converter located in the Examiner's Manual on page 37 to find the Percentile and Stanine Score that are associated with the Raw Score.
4. Record the Percentile and Stanine Score in Section III of the Examiner Record Booklet. Cons:
Not all materials are included.
It does not have subtests, making it difficult to determine the patient’s specific deficits (you have to look in the manual for what each individual question assessed).
The question using the telephone is outdated (no one uses telephone directories anymore).
Difficult to determine if responses are considered “adequate” or “incorrect” during test administration (would need to either have the book next to you or record the entire assessment). 2:41-3:05 Found to be valid as a functional communication test for adults with brain damage. By: Cindee Alvarez and Nancy Rodriguez Categories Measured Instructions: Introduction to the assessment, be natural.

Score: 2 correct, 1 adequete, 0 wrong Social Interaction Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Place a pencil near the place they will sit before they arrive, then ask… Nonverbal Communication Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Turn to page 7 and then say... Reading, Writing, Using Numbers Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Ask the question, if the patient asks for clarification, tell them that you were trying to be misleading. Divergent Communication Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Turn to picture 33 & obtain four 1-dollar bills and 4-quarters. Sequential Relationships Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Turn to picture 45 and ask… Contextual Communication Score: 2 correct, 1 adequate, 0 wrong Instructions: Turn to picture 49 and then ask… Humor, Metaphor, Absurdity Patient already has a raw score of 75, now add the points received from the previous seven items. Scoring Raw Score: ____
Percentile: ____
Stanine: ___ Now, using that raw score, find the percentile and stanine scores: Raw Score: ____
Percentile: ____
Stanine: ___ Record the scores on Section 3 of the Examiner’s Record Booklet What to say: “Let’s see, your first name is Clyde isn’t it? What to say: “Would you hand me that pencil, please?” What to say: I’d like to find out how you get along your day. But Because I cant go along and actually watch, I’ll use pictures to ask you some questions. We’ll do things related to eating, shopping, driving, and visiting the doctor. What’s the best time here for eating lunch? What to say: If Dr. Clark asked you, “Have you been experiencing Clasmopsia dostinnia?” What would you say? What to say: “Here’s five dollars- 4 one-dollar bills and 4 quarters- for shopping” And here is a vending machine. Show me how you would get a drink. What to say: What’s happening in this picture? What to say: Show me the drawing that goes with the saying, “He hit the ceiling.” Raw score= 75+____
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