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Chapter 1 Of Mice and Men

No description

Hailey Morgan

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Of Mice and Men

OF MICE AND MEN CHAPTER 1 1.Intro to Lennie and George. Lennie is a huge man with a shapeless face, pale eyes, and wide "sloping shoulders" George was a small and quick man, he had sharp, strong, and defined features. Both wore denim trousers, a black shapeless hat, and a denim jacket with brass buttons. 2. George found Lennie drinking scummy green water. Lennie told George the water was good but George knew better. Lennie does whatever he is told but often forgets things. George told lennie to stop so he did so. 1.On the sand banks rabbits sat as quietly as little gray, sculptured stones.

2.A dove’s wings whistled over the water

3.We’ll let her [the fire] die down

4.The sycamore leaves whispered in a little night breeze Figurative Language Imagery 3. Lennie forgot where they were going and George had to remind him. Lennie is a forgetful man with short term memory. George reminded him that they were headed to the ranch. 4. Lennie was caught stroking a dead mouse. When George caught him, he was very mad and 5.George told Lennie if he were on his own life would be perfect. He claimed he would be able to work with no trouble, do whatever he wants with his money, and he could do whatever he pleased. His life would be "easy". 6. Lennie and George are different from "guys like them" because they have each other, they look out for each other, and they have a future planned. Most men lived and worked on their own. 7. Lennie and George had a dream to have a few acres of their own land. It would have a small windmill, a garden, chickens, and of course rabbits so Lennie could care for them. A theme that began to develop in this chapter is creating a dream. Lennie and George had a dream to own their own piece of land so they wouldn't have to work for someone else. They would have a few acres with a small windmill and a huge garden. But most of all Lennie would have rabbits so he wouldn't have to worry about getting into trouble or of doing a bad thing.

Another theme is Lennie likes to pet "soft things" but in one way or another he kills them or scares them. During this chapter Lennie was petting a mouse and killed the mouse on accident. When George threw it away, Lennie went and found it so he could continue to pet it. Another example of imagery used by the author is each character can be thought as symbolizing broader populations. In this case Lennie, who is mentally inferior but able to reveal the best and the worst of others. Lennie’s foolishness often allows him to speak honestly where others won’t, and he sometimes taps into things that "normal" people can’t. George on the other hand is the type of normal, average person who is found everywhere and whose feelings and actions are neither amazing or horrible. One example would be that rabbits represent Lennie’s dreams and the impossibility of their accomplishment. Rabbits are a simply everything Lennie hopes for, revealing his very poor thinking. Even when George first tells the story of the dream farm, it’s at Lennie’s prompting to tell him about the rabbits. For George, the farm is all sorts of freedom and happiness, but for Lennie, it is simply access to soft things. Also mice represent the false hope of a safe space for Lennie. The title is a good hint that mice are important, but the first mouse encountered is a dead one. Actually, one that Lennie keeps in his pocket to pet. This is a huge clue: Lennie does not care much about death, and he’s more concerned with comfort of himself. THEMES STORY LINE 1. Its a hot afternoon in California during the 1930's 2. We meet two men: Lennie Small and George Milton who are poor and looking for work 3. They are dressed very similar but their personalities are different. George is small and smart. Lennie is huge and mentally disabled. Though the author doesn't say his disability we can tell by his actions and dialogue that he is mentally challenged. 4. Lennie drinks green dirty water from a pool and George verbally swats him. George is always giving Lennie orders like a parent would to a child 5. George reminds Lennie that they are going to a ranch to buck barley 6.George then reminded Lennie why they lost their last job; by touching the girl with the red dress. 7.George and Lennie had an argument over petting the dead mouse. Lennie wants to keep it but George throws it away 8. Lennie threatens to live in a cave and George says that he would have a great life without Lennie, hurting Lennie's feelings 9. George reminds Lennie of his favorite story, their dream of living on their own ranch and lennie gets to have as many, and pet as many rabbits as he wants 10. George reminds Lennie to come back to the brush if he gets into any trouble and George will come back for him MAJOR POINTS Of Mice And Men
Chapter 1
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