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Housing Services (Internal)

No description

Curtis Whiley

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Housing Services (Internal)

What Do We Do?
Provide grants, forgivable/repayable loans and mortgages to help lower income Nova Scotians repair their homes and acquire safe, adequate and affordable housing.
Where Do We Serve?
What do we offer?
Provide grant, forgivable loan and repayable loan programs for home repairs, adaptations for disabilities and to keep seniors in their homes longer
How do we know we're needed?
Receive approximately 1,500 applications annually and approve approximately 650 applicants annually.
Our Clients:
Income eligibility for the repair programs is based on CMHC’s Household Income Limits (HIL's).
Single Person OR Couple
Couple + Child
Couple + Two Children
Our clients are lower income Nova Scotians who own their own home or rent in the private sector and require financial assistance in order to carry out major repairs or adaptations.
Provincial Repair Programs
Grant of up to $6,500 for emergency health & safety-related repairs to the home.
Applicants must own home or have a registered life interest.
For Seniors, Non-elderly and Families
Grant of up to $6,500 for emergency health & safety-related repairs to the home.
Applicants must own home or have registered life interest.
Applicants must be 65 years of age or older.
Grant of up to $5,000 to renovate a home to make it more wheelchair accessible.
Gross household income limit is $39,000.
Applicant or family member must be limited to a wheelchair by reason of a long term disability,
or expected to be within 6 months.
Available to renters
Access-A-Home Program (AAH)
Emergency Repair Program (ERP)
Grant of up to $6,000 for urgent repairs to
rural homeowners (population 2500 or less).
Forgivable loans of up to $16,000 for qualifying homeowners who own and occupy substandard housing to bring the home to a minimum
health and safety standard.
Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program Homeowner (RRAP Ho)
Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program Disabled (RRAP D)
Forgivable loan of up to $16,000 to modify homes occupied by someone with a disability.
Forgivable loan up to $3,500 to seniors for home adaptations to prolong independent living in the home.
Need permission of landlord.
Program is available to renters.
Home Adaptation for Seniors Independence (HASI)
Small Loan Assistance Program
Repayable loan up to $20,000 to complete repairs/renovations/additions.
Low Interest Loan.
$10,000 or less - secured by a promissory note.
$10,001 to $20,000 – secured by a mortgage.
Applicant’s annual income cannot exceed $35,000.
Support through Income Assistance
Clients receiving income assistance may apply for a small loan which can be covered through their monthly benefit.
Small loan payments can be covered through the clients shelter component (home repair loan payment).
Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP Rental)
Landlords: Disabled Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP D)
Forgivable loan up to $24,000 per rental unit provided to landlords for mandatory repairs in units occupied by lower income renters.Pre and post rent must be at or below median Market Rents, rent must include heat, lights and water.
Forgivable loan up to $24,000 to landlords for unit modifications for renters with a disability.
Program is available to renters, with permission from landlords.
Wheelchair Ramp
Landing & Stairs
Heating & Electrical
Electrical Panel
New Builds
New Builds
Cain Street
Sackville Manor
New Builds
Memory Lane
Application Process:
Eligibility Review:
Completion of Work:
Clients request application form by calling 424-5110 or 1-800-774-5130.
Send back completed application and supporting documentation (ie. confirmation of income and home ownership).
Applications are assessed for eligibility based on HIL's, type/severity of repair and previous assistance
Complete applications are assigned a code 1) Urgent 2) Necessary; Urgent (inspection within 48 hours); Necessary (placed on waitlist)
Inspector Specialists visit home; inspect exterior and interior of home identifying qualifying repairs.
Inspector creates bid forms for recommended repairs.
Bid forms mailed to client; two separate contractors must bid; four weeks to complete.
One bid (typically the more cost effective) is recommended by the inspector.
Senior Caseworker approves the program and funding.
Approval letter mailed to client granting permission to begin work.
Work must be completed within three months.
When complete, inspector visits to ensure repairs completed to code and ensure the value of the work in is place
When invoice received; cheque is processed for payment (joint payable)
Co-operative Housing
Central region administers 63% of the provincial housing co-operative portfolio.
60 co-operatives and non-profits; approximately 1,600 rental units.
What sets co-ops apart from private rental housing is that they are democratic communities where residents control how the co-op operates through a Board of Directors elected by the membership. (No outside Landlord)
Most co-ops provide housing charge subsidies to qualifying members to reduce the household's housing costs. Funding for subsidies is provided by the Department through direct subsidy payments.
Overall role with respect to social housing is ensuring the long-term viability of the social housing portfolio by monitoring adherence to expectations outlined in the Operating Agreements.
Home Repair/Adaptation Program Delivery
Housing Nova Scotia, Central Region:
2131 Gottingen St., 5th Floor
Halifax, NS, B3J 3E4
Ph: 902-424-5110
Toll Free: 1-800-774-5130
Fax: 902-424-2091
Housing Strategy

We launched a conversation with Nova Scotians over our most pressing, fundamental housing challenges. And with insight and ideas from over 500 individuals and organizations, we’ve crafted our province’s first Housing Strategy, one that stresses affordability, choice, partnership and community-building.

Our goal is straightforward but ambitious: to ensure that Nova Scotians can find the housing choice that’s right for them and their families, at a price they can afford, in a healthy, vibrant community that offers the services, supports and opportunities they need.
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