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Curriculum design 1


Stephanie Edwards

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Curriculum design 1

Curriculum design 1
you can choose from
ipad school
Watch the short clip .
What 3 elements does Gareth Malone mention as essential for success?
The choices you make should have a clear, theoretical background. This should be clear in your “verantwoording/memo”
7. the dry run...
why curriculum design?
new media

new challenges..
The process report
a. The needs analysis
b. The project plan
c. The development process – how you got from idea to theme to
lessons and which methodology theories you used to support your
d. It should also show the feedback you got from both peers and your teacher and how you used this feedback in the final product
e. A clear indication of the individual contributions of all group
Individual and group element
your 4 lessons
your memo
The website
the test
the process report
2 lessons - an introductory lesson and a round-up lesson
How we work
The process
1. Choose a target group

Bo or Vo
Design your curriculum
Dragon's den
Make a presentation to show not only your product, but also the process of designing your product. This should amount to a sales pitch

Everything is on HUBL...
a bit of inspiration
Think about the following

1. Describe three “aesthetic learning moments / magical moments / experiences of sudden and striking realization” either at school or outside of school;

2. Describe three absurd learning moments when you felt bewildered or in despair.

Turn these experiences into guidelines or warnings… this is the assignment you need to finish off for next week
You are to design lesson material for a target group which will cover a period of 6 weeks,3 hours per week.
This will cover all skills and will include testing
You are to present your material on a website and you are also to make use of at least 2 different ICT tools.
...and use CLIL
and choose a Theme - your curriculum needs to be interdisciplinary
ie you will combine history, geography social studies with language teaching
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