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Information Cycle

No description

Jakeh Hall

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Information Cycle

Information Cycle
Day of Event
TV, Internet, Radio
Quick, not detailed, updated
Sometimes inaccurate
Authors = journalists
Intended for general audience
Week After
Articles w/ more details
Establishing timeline
Includes: photos, statistics, quotes, expert accounts
Authors = journalists
Intended for general audience
Week After
Popular Magazines
Long form articles,
Begin to discuss impact on society/ public policy
Includes detailed analysis, interviews, opinions
Authors = journalists, some experts in the field
Audience = general and specific non-professional groups
Months After
Careful detailed analysis, theoretical, learned commentary
Narrow in scope, highly technical language, bibliographies
Authors = Scholars, Researchers
Audience = Scholars, Researchers
Years After
In depth coverage, addresses historical context and significance.
Authors = Scholars, specialists, researchers
Audience = broad, ranging from scholars to general
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