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Causes of World War II

No description

Cheyanne Brown

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Causes of World War II

The Treaty of Versailles that ended WWI had left people bitter to the arise of WWII.
Germany and it's allies had lost WWI and they were angered by their defeat.
Several citizens in Germany did not want to co-sign with the treaty.
Adolf Hitler and his army in Germany wanting to seek revenge invaded Poland, in which was the start to WWII.
World War II began September 1, 1939, just a decade after World War I.
Economic Problems
Winners and losers of WWI were left in deep debt.
Wall Street stock market crash effected Germany because their economy was dependent on American loans.
The economic shift from war to peace left millions of veterans unemployed and other people who worked in war related industries without work
In 1929, there was mass unemployment and redirection of recovery in many countries due to the Great Depression as a result of WWI, leading into WWII.
Nationalism made people feel deprived of their national honor.
The people of their country wish to see their government have power.
Hitler gained a large amount of power once he became the chancellor of Germany and forced everyone to come together under one ruler.
Once Hitler had all the hearts of German citizens, he decided to invade Poland marking the beginning of World War 2
Italy invaded countries such as Albania and Greece at the start of the war.
Romania had began to lose territorial power, so at the beginning of WWII they sided with Germany to regain their land.
The Soviet Union had lost large parts of former Russian Empire territories to Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania in the previous war and they were interested in gaining back the land.
Causes of World War II
World War I effects
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