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A Prezi presenting life in technology, culture, and education in 1984.

Caroline Kapo

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of 1984

1984 Culture One movie ticket = 2.50 Ghostbusters Indiana Jones Michael Jackson won unprecedented acclaim for his album Thriller, having sold over 37 million copies Gremlins and the Temple of Doom One Gallon of Gas = 1.10 TECHNOLOGY The AIDS virus is first identified
by a French Immunologist 1st Apple Macintosh goes on sale! commercial CD players Sony and Phillips introduce the first Space Shuttle DISCOVERY has its maiden voyage EDUCATION Education Improvement Act of 1984 Each public school in the state of SC
must instruct students
in the history of African Americans
as a regular part of its History
and Social Studies classes
by the 1989-90 school year. Education Amendments of 1984 --extended various educational
programs assisting groups such as
students with limited English proficiency,
and adults in need of acquiring basic
literacy skills Bloom's first report in the journal
"Educational Researcher"
lays out Bloom's
2 Sigma Problem : The average student tutored 1-1
using mastery learning techniques improved by 2 standard deviations! Carl D. Perkins
Vocational and Technical
Education Act -- aims to increase the quality
of technical education
within the United States
in order to help the economy -- updated in 2006

-- provides $1.3 billion
in federal support
for careers and technical
educational programs
in all 50 states Splash The End!
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