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Municipal Wi-Fi for the City of Richmond

ITA Class of 2016

Corey Wong

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Municipal Wi-Fi for the City of Richmond

Through the week of February 18, 2015, the Information Technology Academy conducted a poll asking over 200 Richmond city residents whether they would support free, public wi-fi in Richmond. These were the results...
We could also use:
What are some benefits of public wi-fi?
Antennas and Cables

The Roots
Infrastructure - Allison and Sam
-talk to family members
Public Wi-Fi in the City of Richmond

We plan to provide Richmond with free, reliable Wi-Fi through an amalgamation of the readily available fiber network foundations and routers and switches that have the specifications that make them the best for the job of reliable Wi-Fi.
The City of Richmond would greatly benefit from free, public wi-fi in all areas including:
Job Searching
X Switches

Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless-N Dual Radio Smart Repeater HW2R1 for small Wi-Fi dead spots that cost 131.99$
Cisco RV325 Dual Gigabit WAN VPN Router for business in Richmond $285.00
Securifi Almond Easy Setup Router for schools in Richmond; price range is from $89.99-$145.89
1000ft per box
$159 per box
Access Points-
$70 each
300 mbp/s speeds
Covers a radius of 200 feet
We will need 889 access points
Who would support free, public wi-fi?
Obtaining educational resources
Saving money
Do other cities have free, public wi-fi?
Free, public Wi-Fi has been implemented in numerous cities world wide including:
San Francisco, California
York, England
Seoul, South Korea
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Jacareí, Brazil
Where would the wi-fi be set up?
We should plan to place 25 access points in the Belding Woods neighborhood of Richmond in order to provide wi-fi access for the low-income community within close locations near parks, schools, and other community resources.
Where would the free, public wi-fi be set up?
What does wi-fi access mean to the average person?
San Jose Wicked Fast Wi-Fi
How would the free, public wi-fi be set up?
Contact Information
Access points that give off a large amount of range would be ideal for a project of this magnitude, for example:
Address: 5000 Valley View Road
Richmond, Ca 94803
E-mail: bgill@wccusd.net

Phone: (510) 231 - 1440 ext.27046
Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex 7762:
1000 foot range in diameter
comes with advanced Wi-Fi security
allows over 500 users on at a time
adaptable to the environment
Will there be rules or restrictions to the wi-fi service?
Some rules or restrictions may include:
the blocking of malicious sites
the blocking of malicious downloads
What are we asking from you?
Free Wi-Fi???
Who are we?
The Information Technology Academy consists of students in grades 10-12
We are a California partnership academy, founded in 2009
What is this project? How did it start?
Essential question: Would free, public wi-fi help shape a better informed community?

To consider the beneficial factors that free public wi-fi would offer to the Richmond community.
To consider allowing the involvement of ITA students in implementing this project.
Students immediately began writing research papers and case studies on public wi-fi.
It came to the realization that this small school project had the potential of becoming much more.
We are students who are going to shape the future of this community
Questions for advisory board:
What was the best part of our presentation?
What was the worst part of our presentation?
Where would you start the wi-fi as a pilot project?
What’s your opinion on the topic of having public wi-fi?
What do you think the other council members would criticize about our presentation?
What do the council members mainly look for in a presentation?
Would you make any changes to the format?
Are there other benefits to having public wi-fi that we have not listed?
How is the internet useful to you?
How does this project align with the district and city's future plans to break the digital divide?

Presentation Team
Arwa Asif
Jonathan Brown
Austin-Jilles Jimenez
Katherine Lee
McKeegan Harless

Janet Lira
Lennox Poveda
Antonette Robinson
Carlos Suarez

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