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The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

No description

Portia England

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

The Great Gatsby Chapter 2
Social Decay
-"About halfway between West Egg and New York the motor road hastily joins the railroad and runs beside it for a quarter of a mile, so as to shrink away from a certain desolate area of land." (27)
- "Most of these fellas will cheat you every time. All they think of is money." (35)
"The only crazy I was was when I married him. I knew right away I made a mistake." (39)
"What I say is, why go on living with them if they can't stand them?" (37)
Illusion vs. Reality
The American Dream
T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes
-"They look out of no face, but, instead, from a pair of enormous yellow spectacles which pass over a nonexistent nose." (16)
"'Terrible place, isn't it,' said Tom, exchanging a frown with Doctor Eckleburg." (18)
Valley of Ashes
- "The valley of ashes is bounded on one side by a small, foul river..." (16)
Rumors vs. Truth
- "Well, they say he's a nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm's. That's where all his money comes from." (22)
"Neither of them can stand the person they're married to." (23)
"'She's a Catholic, and they don't believe in divorce.' Daisy was not a Catholic, and I was a little shocked at the elaborateness of this lie."
Valley of Ashes introduced
-"a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens..." (27)

Meet Tom’s Mistress (Myrtle)
-"She smiled slowly and walking through her husband as if he were a ghost shook hands with tom, looking him flush in the eye." (30)

Party in New York
-"It's just a crazy old thing," she said. "I just slip it on sometimes when I don't care what I look like." (35)
"No, we just went to Monte Carlo and back. We went by way of Marseilles. We had over twelve hundred dollars when we started but we got gypped out if all in two days in the private rooms" (38).
"What I say is, why go on living with them if they can't stand them? If I was them I'd divorce and get married to each other right away." (37)

Tom hits Myrtle
-"Making a short deft movement Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand." (41)
Major/Minor Characters
Myrtle Wilson
-"Her face, above a spotted dress of dark blue crepe-de-chine, contained no facet or gleam of beauty but there was an immediate perceptible vitality about her as if the "nerves of her body were continually smouldering." (30).

-"The sister, Catherine, was a slender, wordly girl of about thirty with a solid sticky bob or red hair and a complexion powdered milky white." (34)

Mr. Wilson
-"He was a blonde, spiritless man, anemic and faintly handsome. When he saw us a damp gleam of hope sprang into his light blue eyes." (29)

Mr. and Mrs. McKee
-"Mr. Mckee was a pale feminine man from the flat below. He had just shaved for there was a white spot of lather on his cheekbone and he was most respectful in his greeting to everyone in the room. "--"His wife was shrill languid, handsome and horrible. She told me with pride that her husband had photographed her a hundred and twenty-seven times since they had been married." (34)

-"Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!" shouted Mrs. Wilson. "I'll say it whenever i want to! Daisy! Dai--" (41).

-"No he doesn't" said Tom coldly. "And if you feel that way maybe I better sell somewhere else after all." (29)
"You McKees have something to drink," he said. "Get some more ice and mineral water, Myrtle, before everybody falls asleep." (36)
-"I wanted to get out and walk eastward toward the park through the soft twilight but each time I tried to go i became entangled in some wild strident argument which pulled me back, as if with ropes into my chair. Yet high over the city our line of yellow windows must have contributed their share of human secrecy to the casual weather in the darkening streets, and I was him too, looking up and wondering. I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life." (40)
Nick’s Point of View
(limited)- doesn't "judge" people
Dialogue and Descriptions
(equal amounts)

Flashback and Foreshadow:
Myrtle talks about how she met Tom and Mr. Wilson
Wilson- 35 (wedding)
Tom- 36 (first meeting)
Tom’s Relationship with Myrtle
"Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand" (37)
Wilson’s relationship with Tom
1 day/ 1 night
"I went up to New York with Tom on the train one afternoon" (24)
Have to live in the moment
"You can't live forever; you can't live forever" (36)
Fast-paced life
"It was nine o'clock – almost immediately afterward I looked at my watch and found it was ten" (37)
"Then I was lying half asleep in the..."
Setting/Sense of Place:
Valley of Ashes
- "a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of ash-grey men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air." (16)
"The valley of ashes is bounded on one side by a small, foul river..." (16)

New York
- "I went to New York with Tom on the train one afternoon..." (17)
"We drove over to Fifth Avenue..." (19)
"At 158th street..." (19)

Nick not knowing where he is
- "So everything that happened has a dim, hazy cast over it." (20)
"Then I was lying half asleep in the cold lower level of the Pennsylvania Station, staring at the morning Tribune, and waiting for the four o' clock train." (26)

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