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Trait and Social-Cognitive Perspectives

1.05 Assessment

Brittany Hall

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Trait and Social-Cognitive Perspectives

Trait and Social-Cognitive Perspectives

In two paragraphs, answer the following reflection questions thoroughly:

Which personality assessment would you recommend for use by employers? Choose from the Rorschach Test, the TAT, the MMPI, and the MBTI inventory. Be sure to include why this assessment is a better fit than the other assessments described in the lesson.

Describe the reliability and validity of the assessment you chose. Does the reliability and validity of the assessment support the employer’s case or the employee’s case in the above article? How?
I would recommend the MPPI-2 to be used by employers. The MPPI-2 measures psych. disorders; with that being said, it could be use as a way to assess job readiness. How? By using this test, you can easily determine whether someone will be capable of performing the duties required to perform their job. For example, soldiers in the military experience chronic episodes of PTSD. Many may think that this is normal, I mean... a few night terrors here and there and then it'll go away, however when your life and the life of others lie in the balance it extremely problematic. When using the MPPI-2 test the psychologist can measure which psych. disorder a patient has and determine whether or not if his/her client is prepared to go back in to battle.
Reliability and Validity
The MPPI-2 test for this specific situation is reliable, but validity varies depending on what type of treatment the client/patient (the soldier) has received.

In reference to the train crews, the personality tests are unreliable and invalid. There hasn't been a personality test that has been 100% accurate as of yet. This supports the validity of the employee's case.
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