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Negative Effects of Video Games

No description

Cole Wolven

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Negative Effects of Video Games

Video Game Addiction
As a planet, we spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games. More than half a billion people worldwide are playing video games and computer games at least an hour a day. Video games captivate our brains in an impulse disorder. We start playing and simply cannot stop. This can have many dangerous side effects...
Effects of Addiction
Violent Video Games Have Bad Impacts on children... and everyone else
Violent games make impressionable children remember the gore filled games they play for every second of their lives. Fox News did a study and concluded that, "Children ages 8-17 who played a lot of violent video games showed an increase in aggressive behavior such as hitting, shoving, and pushing three years later, compared to their behavior at the study start."
Negative Effects of Video Games
by Cole Wolven and Colter McKee

I play violent video games
Violent Video Games
Can Ruin Your Life
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Imagine you're at the mall when a man comes in with a gun and starts shooting...
This horror didn't come because anyone did anything to this man, in fact it probably happened because the man had a life and childhood full of violent, murder and weapon filled video games.
Video game addiction has been proven to cause declining grades, bad and angry moods, laziness, isolation, obesity, Etc. Most parents are concerned about their children's social life and disapprove of them. Video game addiction captivates millions of children worldwide. A recent study found that video games can completely rewire the brain before age 21, if played excessively.
Effects of Video Games on the Brain
A recent study has shown that kids who play video games has less grey matter(the thinking part) in their brains. Playing video games actually changes your brain structure. Studies show that the brain changes the same way it does when you learn to read or learn to play the piano.
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