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Yearbook Project

No description

Jordan Hughes

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Yearbook Project

The Yearbook Project
In the first two decades of the school's existence, no more than 3% of students in the yearbooks wore sunglasses. More specifically, in the 60s, only 3% of students wore sunglasses. Back then, popular TV shows included The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone, in which stars rarely, If ever, wore sunglasses.
In the 70s, when sunglasses use rose to 4%, shows like Happy Days and The Jeffersons that were popular, had similar patterns. Again, they rarely, if ever, wore sunglasses on the show, consequently resulting in the percentage of sunglasses at Pali.
In 1989, the percentage of students at Pali who wore sunglasses sky rocketed to 34% in a matter of a decade, but what caused this? At the time, stars like Micheal Jackson were setting the trend with sunglasses of their own. Popular TV shows at the time such as Cops (In which the main characters wear sunglasses) also inspired the rise in shade-wearing students at Pali.
In the late 90s the percentage of students at Pali who wore sunglasses decreased to 11%. The reason is the fact that famous actors and other figures of entertainment and fame chose not to wear them. Some examples are Morgan Freeman and Julia Roberts.
In 2009 the percentage of students at Pali continued to drop to 3%. If you look at famous artists at the time such as Lady gaga and Taylor Swift they choose not to wear sunglasses, same for famous actors, ultimately influencing teens at Pali not to wear them either.
Jordan Hughes,
Amanda Thomson,
Brian Zargar,
Presents to you the...
Palisades Charter High School was founded in 1961 in the Pacific Palisades area between Will Rodgers state beach and the Temescal Gateway Park, Los Angeles, California, United States of America, 90272. Initially, the school, influenced by the media of the time, generally utilized formal attire that had very little room for the use of sunglasses. As the decades progressed however, and as new celebrities and media came to light, this style fluctuated, and the use of sunglasses would change exponentially, giving each decade its own style and personality.
The first time our group opened a yearbook, we immediately noticed fashion trends that are now out of style. Curious, we began to look at the media around the time period to see if it had any effect on the styles in the yearbooks. Once we realized that there was a connection between the two, we had our thesis. As we looked at different television shows and famous artists from the 60s to the 2000s. it became evident just how much the media affected and continues to affect how students dress around the world, specifically at Pali. It was interesting to think that the way we are now studying and forming opinions on students from past decades, future students may do to us. The yearbook project indisputably opened our curious freshmen eyes to a school that is as massive and fascinating but also having such an extensive history as Palisades Charter High School. In totality, the yearbook project tested our writing capabilities, ability to deduce past events, evaluated our functionality in a group, and gave us an appreciable opportunity to learn about both our school and ourselves.

When Palisades Charter High School opened its doors in 1961, the media was setting the formal trend in student attire, an attire that went nearly without sunglasses. As decades passed however, this fashion style began to die out, and with the rise of media usage of sunglasses, usage at Pali increased as well. The formal attire started to diminish, the suite-and-tie began to disappear on campus, and as a result, the corresponding school environment left too. Stars of the following decades, for example Micheal Jackson, gave way to new trends in sunglasses and gave the 80s a new style, only to have recent stars regress that trend, going back to older decades. Topping out at recent years, Pali has fluctuated in its usage of sunglasses, but still leaves students with the freedom of choice and the power to yet again change that trend.
For our interview we decided to go interview an actor named Virginia Watson. Virginia just so happened to be my landlord and also an alumni from Palisades Charter High School. Here is the interview.

Question: What is you name?
Virginia: Virginia Watson
Question:What was your graduating school year at Palisades Charter High School?
Virginia: 1975
Question: During your time at Pali what was the general fashion trend?
Virginia: A mix of high fashion and a casual, everyday type style.
Question: In you opinion do you think the media influenced how people dressed on an everyday occasion?
Virginia: Yes, oh of course, mainly television shows, as well as famous celebrities at the time and also magazine articles.
Question: In television shows did actors, or just celebrities in general, wear sunglasses very often?
Virginia: No not very often, in television shows only if somebody had a nerd role, and barley if any celebrities every wore sunglasses.
Question: Did many kids wear sunglasses at Pali at the time?
Virginia: No, a very a little amount if any.
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