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Building Community @ the Bevier Engineering Library

No description

Anne Schwan

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Building Community @ the Bevier Engineering Library

Creating a Welcoming Space
Food and drink
Our students spend hours in the library, and with an Einstein's Bagel shop next door, allowing food and drink in the library allows students to study seamlessly throughout the day.

Reservable group study room with SmartBoard
Small private room seats 12
Great for practicing presentations or working on projects
Can be reserved for 2 hours

Expanded hours
During finals week and during the Freshman Conference

Reserve books
We buy every required textbook per semester
Highest circulation numbers on campus
We purchase MUPO licenses for ebooks
eBook preferred library (including reserves)
Commitment to supporting multiple ebook platforms (Springer, SafariTech, ebrary)
Circulating Non-book Items
Kill A Watt devices
Funded by the Student Government Board and purchased by the Pitt Green Fund Advisory Board
Decision to purchase devices came about as a response to a request from the SGB
We are the central place for people to easily access these devices
30 devices available
Used in a civil engineering class project

Inventor Kits
Currently in process at Acquisitions
Direct request from faculty
Will be used in workshops by student groups

GPS equipment
Request from faculty
Very limited use. Opportunity to increase advertisement of these devices

Graphing and financial calculators
Will extend loan period during finals and other tests

Headphones, Cell phone chargers, Dry-erase markers
Very popular with students
Advertising through word-of-mouth amongst students

Outside the Library
2010 ASEE Division Conference

Dinner for Conference hosted in the library

Collaboration with East Asian librarians
To accommodate the high number of Chinese students at the Swanson School, we began co-teaching select classes with a Chinese-speaking East Asian Librarian at Pitt (Xiuying Zou and Haihui Zhang).
Classes are taught primarily in English with translations of information that might be easily missed.
Spring 2015: Chinese New Year celebration for international STEM graduate students.

Building Community @ the Bevier Engineering Library
The Bevier Engineering Library at the University of Pittsburgh serves the undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members of the Swanson School of Engineering.

We know that our community needs more than just books to succeed in their work, and we strive to provide any reasonable requests for items that will allow them to be successful. To that end, we circulate an array of items based on requests at the desk or directly from faculty.

We also strive to create a welcoming atmosphere responsive to student needs. This means tailoring our hours based on special events at the Swanson School, allowing food and drink in the library, and constantly reexamining the space for improvements.

Kill A Watt devices
Inventor Kits
Financial calculators, dry erase markers, headphones, GPS devices, and phone chargers
What hasn't worked?
We inherited chalkboards and placed them in the library; they were never used by students
While we were happy to experiment with new (free!) items, we removed them due to the community's lack of interest.

Began circulating GPS devices at the request of a faculty member over 10 years ago; devices are rarely checked out.
Improving the marketing of these devices through the website and signage throughout the library may help increase their use.
Anne Schwan, Public Services Librarian,
Bevier Engineering Library
Judy Brink, Head, Bevier Engineering Library
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