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Threat due to dumping of Old tyres

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Preetha Ramkumar

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Threat due to dumping of Old tyres

Dumping of Old tyres is really bad for environment. Tyres represent a serious environmental concern on several fronts. Part of the risk lies with their chemical makeup.(which is used dor colour). In India, dumping of tyres is banned, but still people do dump tyres.
Let us see the Effects of Dumping Old Tyres.
Effects of Dumping Tyres:
Fire Risk:
Major concern of discarded tires is increased fire risk. When heated, tires become a fuel source. In fact, nearly 50 percent of recycled scrap tires find a second life in fuel generation. Fires fueled by tires can be more difficult to control and extinguish. In addition, the smoke contains toxic chemicals and particulate matter that poses human health consequences, such as a worsening of existing respiratory conditions.
2.Toxin Release
Scientists classifies tires as municipal solid waste rather than hazardous waste. Also, tires that are thrown away instead of recycled can cause serious environmental problems. The issues rise when the chemicals they contain are released into the environment -- the breakdown of tires releases hazardous wastes. Tires contain oils that damage the soil; they also consist of heavy metals such as lead, that can destroy in the environment and accumulate over time.
3.Pest Threat:
Discarded tires present another environmental risk that may not be as obvious as waste generation. Tires can collect water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. This effect can increase the risk for diseases such as encephalitis. Rodents may also find habitat in tires.
Threat due to dumping of Old tyres
Dumping Old tyres may risk
all our lives as we saw in the Effects of Dumping Tyres. Therefore, to make our world clean, we must stop dumping tyres.

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