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Pygmalion Myth

No description

zoi andoni

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Pygmalion Myth

Pygmalion Myth
Cyprus - island that first received gifts when Aphrodite rose from the foam
gifted young sculptor of Cyprus
woman hater
Breath of life
Life is everywhere
Made out of ivory
Turned into woman
Married Pygmalion
Symbolizes embodiment
Goddess of Passionate Love
Pygmalion told himself art was all he needed and made a statue of a women, who in his eyes no other maiden could look like her.
Fell in love with statue
Kissed & caressed her, though she was unresponsive
Dressed her in rich robes
Brought her gifts - birds & flowers
Tucked her in bed
Pygmalion & his "maiden"
Determined to help Pygmalion
As Pygmalion headed home, he found his statue had turned into a real woman.

Pygmalion knew Aphrodite was responsible for his sculpture's gift of life.
Aphrodite graced their marriage with her presence
Pygmalion named the maiden Galatea
Had a son and named him after Aphrodite's favorite city, Paphos
Fun fact: Located Southwest of the Cyprus island.

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
A story about the professor Higgins who took care of a girl named Eliza Doolittle. He clothes her and teaches her to speak proper English. Higgins son Freddy begins to fall in love with Eliza as she is being a molded into a lady. Just like in our myth ,Pygmalion falls in love while dressing and taking care of the statue.
A guy trying to help
his best friend Samantha with
her struggling band,
creates a holographic human to
improve the band and ends up falling in love with her and forgetting she isn't real. And so did Pygmalion but his wish of the statue turning into a real women became true.
Pixel Perfect: Disney channel

The fable of Pinocchio is about a wood-carved boy who was brought to life by a fairy-lady because of a man's wish to have children.
Wedding Day Video
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