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No description

Rebecca Drewry

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of ALTRUISM

"Our actions should be designed to help others whatever the personal cost."
Love of one's neighbor is the ultimate ethical standard
Calls for self-sacrificial behavior
Means sacrificing something for someone with no expectation of compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect
Concern for the welfare of others
Universal value promoted in cultures from all over the world
Shares much in common with virtue ethics

How Altruism Works
impossible to meet every need
failure of many who profess to love their neighbor to act as if they do
takes many different, sometimes conflicting, forms
often difficult to determine what constitutes altruistic behavior
not always easy to put into practice
Critiques of Altruism

Nelson Mandela Mahatma Gandhi

The Dalai Lama Hospice nurses Mother Teresa

The Parable of the Good Samaritan
Examples of Altruistic Leaders
5 Key Components
1. Focuses on the importance of noting and meeting the needs of those we are responsible for.

2. Values emotions.

3. Specific needs and relationships take priority above universal principles.

4. Breaks down the barriers between the public and private spheres.

5. Views persons as both relational and interdependent.
Examples of Altruistic Leader Behaviors
providing training, technical assistance, and mentoring
team building, participative group decision-making, and minority advancement programs
demonstrating commitment and loyalty, protecting organizational resources, and whistle-blowing
making contributions to promote social welfare, reducing pollution, ensuring product safety, and maintaining customer satisfaction
Rebecca Drewry, Tori Williams, Bethany Carlson,
Julia Kehoe, Natalia Gadomski, Mary Margaret Link
ancient yet contemporary
important to society leaders
powerful and inspiring
Cultivating Altruism
Get Connected
Get Personal
See yourself in others
Lead by example
Put people in a good mood
Encourage collaboration
Acknowledge giving
Help build a supportive community
Fight inequality
How to nurture personal altruistic instincts
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