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Millennium Park

No description

Emma S

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Millennium Park

Where is it located?
Is this park public and how much will it cost?
Does it have an area to play games and do team-building activities?
A Brief History:
Why should we go to this park?
Does it have a covered area in case it rains?
Millennium Park is located in Chicago, Illinois, which is where our business corporation is located. The address is 201 East Randolph St. It is located not very far from our building, either. It is not far to walk at all.
Near Millennium Park is a grocery store called Bockwinkel's, where we can buy all of our picnic and eating necessities. It's address is 222 N. Columbus
Chicago, IL 60601. They are open every day from 7am-12pm.
Millennium Park originally was an industrial wasteland. It was controlled by the Illinois Railroad Company from the 1800s until 1997. The project was kick started by Mayor Richard M. Daily. Then, with the help of the famous architect Frank Gehry, it became so much more than the average park. To make it possible, it was the dedicated project of millions of artists, architects, planners, landscape architects, and designers.
Millennium Park is a public park, meaning it will be free for us to go to. We do not have to pay any money to use the area, but we will be part of the general public. We will not have anything reserved necessarily.
Millennium Park has more than the adequate amount of room for us to roam and play games and become closer as a working team. We will not have to worry about such problems. There are many different things we can do, such as fly kites or observe the surrounding sculptures.
What makes Millennium Park different is that it has a good location. Also, it allows people to not only play in the grass and have fun, but to also let them enjoy the beautiful artwork and scenery. I feel that this gives the opportunity for the employees to play and learn something new, and to give options about either playing or observing the artwork, which makes everyone more happy.
Millennium Park does have a covered area in case it rains. They are all around the edges of the park. They provide seating and a good area for picnicking. I am sure of this because I have personally visited this park.
By: Emma Schartz
Questions to be answered:
Why should we go?
Are there restrooms?
Is there a covered area?
Is there an area for team-building activities?
Is it a public park?
What's the brief history?
Millenium Park


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