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About What caffeine is. how much the average person should have daily. ect.

Chantel Stevens

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Caffeine

Caffeine Symotoms of to much Adults Confussion Breathing Troubles Headaches Dizziness Fever Hallucinations Increased Thirst Irregular / Rapid heartbeat Sleeping Troubles Anxiety Vomiting Muscle twitching Loss of Bone Density Can Get Affects to the body Babys Very Tense Muscles The Very Relaxed Nausea Rapid deep Breathing Rapid Heartbeat Shock Treamors Vomiting Daily Recommondations Adults
400mg Age 4-6
45mg Age7-9
62.5mg Age 10-12
85mg Teenagers
2.5mg Per kilogram Average Canadian Intake Adults Children 1-5 60% Coffee 30% Tea 10% Cola Bereages, Chocolate, Medicines 30% Tea 55% Cola Drinks 14% Chocolate 1% Medicines What is Caffeine Nevous System One of the Most Widely Used Drugs Found in the Leaves and Seeds of Many Plants Arabica For Coffee Kola Nuts For Soft Drinks Thea Sinensis For Tea Cocoa For Chocolate Cholesterol Homocysteine Arrhythmais High Blood Perssure Stimulates the Central Nervous System by blocking Adenosine,a neurotransmitter that normally Causes a Calmins off in the Body
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