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Whatever After

No description

Tavia Hrabovsky

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Whatever After

The Characters
Abby is the main character. Her

brother Joanah is the type of person who would knock on a purple hissing mirror so many times, which gets him and his sister eaten by the mirror into Snow Whites story!
They need to get ot of this mess!!!
So now they have to fix the story and hopefully find their way back home!!!!
They saved Snow White or not.....
So when Snow White is supposed eat the apple and fall to her death yadeyadeya. In this story it is different! She hears Joanah yelling don't eat the apple! Snow as she is called, hears.
The Way out
So I have told you every thing I can so take my advise and find out how they find their way out!!
By Madeline Mosel
P.S. I bet you it will be hard to find your way out of this amazing book!
By Sarah Mlynowski
I choose this book because it was a
adventurous fairy tale.

Snow White is the other main character she lives in a little village with the dworfs.
I recommend it for people who like fairy tales.
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